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“Vampire Academy” star Zoey Deutch has landed the female lead role in “Midnight Rider,” the indie biopic of Allman Brothers Band leader Gregg Allman, according to The Wrap. Tyson Ritter, Wyatt Russell and William Hurt are also part of the cast. Randall Miller is directing the drama featuring Ritter as Allman and the film will chronicle two major points in the singer’s life and career: the first formation of the Allman Brothers Band, and later, the band’s explosion onto the music scene and Allman’s struggle to clean up his drugRead More
This winter Holliday Grainger and Emile Hirsch are set to reignite America’s love affair with two of the country’s most notorious outlaws, and now we have a pretty good idea how they’ll do it thanks to the first teaser for “Bonnie & Clyde,” via Deadline. (Hint: They do it with a ‘Bang, Bang!’) The two-night miniseries retells the story of Bonnie Parker (Grainger) and Clyde Barrow (Hirsch), the early 1930s couple who went on a murderous crime spree and managed to repeatedly evade capture, all while becoming overnight celebrities after theirRead More
It’s still up in the air whether Stephenie Meyer’s follow-up to “Twilight” has what it takes to be the next big young adult franchise, but the newest trailer for “The Host” at least gives us a lot more to go on. An alien invasion, the battle for the human race, a girl fighting for control of her own mind, and searching for the brother and love she lost, is exactly what made the original novel so compelling in the first place. Written and directed by Andrew Niccol (“Gattaca”), the filmRead More
UPDATE: The images have been taken down by studio request, though as far as I can tell they are still accessible at the Facebook page from which they originated. Several new stills from Andrew Niccol’s alien actioner “The Host” were released today, featuring new looks at Saoirse Ronan as Melanie Stryder and Wanderer, the alien Soul that has invaded Melanie’s body (you can tell she’s no longer “human” by the eyes), Max Irons as Melanie’s boyfriend Jared, and last but not least, the first look at Jake Abel as fan-favoriteRead More
Jake Abel and Saiorse Ronan, meet your siblings. Casting on Andrew Niccol’s “The Host” is firming up, and Variety reports model-slash-actor Boyd Holbrook has signed on to play the macho Kyle O’Shea, big brother to Abel’s Ian, while child actor Chandler Cantebury will play Jamie Stryder, little brother to Ronan’s Melanie. “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer traded in vampires for aliens in her first adult action novel about Melanie Stryder, a human who lives in a post-apocalyptic world where humans still technically exist and walk around, but with their brains controlledRead More
As one Stephenie Meyer adaptation comes to the end, another is just beginning. The author’s first novel away from the hugely popular Twilight saga was released in 2009, an alien actioner titled “The Host”, and the adaptation by Andrew Niccol (“In Time”) has long been in development. The story centers around a post-apocalyptic world in which aliens called Souls have body-snatched and are occupying the majority of the human population. Stryder’s body has been taken over by a Soul named Wanderer, however Stryder’s strong will to survive have the twoRead More