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“Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner has been set to play “Frankenstein” author Mary Shelley in a revisionist take on the young writer’s life called “Mary Shelley’s Monster,” according to Deadline. Jeremy Irvine has been cast as Percy Shelley, the poet Mary marries at 21. “American Horror Story” star Taissa Farmiga also has a supporting role as Mary’s stepsister. “Mary Shelley’s Monster” reimagines Mary’s quest to write her seminal sci-fi novel as “the story of the most extraordinary 19th century teenage heroine told in a visceral, sexy, contemporary way.” CokyRead More
Roland Emmerich’s next directorial vehichle is a gay rights movement drama called “Stonewall,” and he’s enlisted “War Horse” star Jeremy Irvine to star in it, according to Deadline. The historical, fact-based film will follow Irvine as a young man who gets caught up in the June 28, 1969 police raid of the Stonewall Hotel in New York City, “a venue that was a gathering place for gays and transgenders. It became the flashpoint for the gay rights movement, a galvanizing event that is considered a touchstone even today in theRead More
Toby Kebbell has emerged victorious in the battle to be Doctor Doom in the new “Fantastic Four” reboot, according to Variety. Kebbell beat out fellow up and comers Domhnall Gleeson, Eddie Redmayne and Sam Riley for the role of the iconic Marvel supervillain who will battle the new superhero team – comprised of Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm aka The Thing. Josh Trank is directing the reboot, which will be released on JuneRead More
We’ve got Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell locked in as the new “Fantastic Four,” and now the attention turns to who will play the iconic villain Dr. Doom. The Wrap is reporting four young British rising stars are the finalists for the gig, and they are: Domhnall Gleeson, Toby Kebbell, Eddie Redmayne and Sam Riley. This is contrary to previous reports, which indicated that Fox and director Josh Trank had been searching for an older and bigger star to play the villain, perhaps to offsetRead More
On the heels of “The Railway Man” premiere at TIFF, Jeremy Irvine has found his next project. THR reports the “War Horse” star will join Michael Douglas in thriller “The Reach,” which begins filming next month in New Mexico. Douglas will play a hunting enthusiast who hires Irvine’s character as a guide to trek through the desert in the two-hander. The two men don’t get along, and things take a turn for the worse when the hunter’s true nature is exposed after killing a prospector. He takes his guide hostage,Read More
Benedict Cumberbatch is out (to do “Star Wars” or just “The Lost City of Z”?) but “Crimson Peak” is getting an upgrade as Tom Hiddleston is now in talks to replace him, according to Variety. Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam are also set to star for Guillermo del Toro. The film is set for a February 2014 production start, with Wasikowska in the role of a young writer named Edith who discovers her new husband is not who he appears to be. Stepping into Cumberbatch’s shoes, Hilddeston willRead More
Another young adult fantasy adaptation is gearing up to go, and this time, as Deadline reports, Jeremy Irvine and Addison Timlin are set to play the would-be star-crossed lovers held apart by the supernatural. Lauren Kate’s “Fallen”, which has been adapted for the big screen by Kathryn Price and Nicole Millard and which will be directed by Scott Hicks, follows Timlin’s Luce, who is accused of killing a boy by starting a fire and sent to the Sword and Cross reform school, where most of the students are fallen angels.Read More
Matt Reeves has been directing anticipated sequel “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” with Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Keri Russell (as well as Andy Serkis and Judy Greer motion-capturing performances as apes) for a few weeks now, but we have late breaking news that British actor Toby Kebbell is also part of the cast. The Star of Production release also gives us the first official synopsis for the film, which had been reported to be set 15 years after the events of “Rise of the PlanetRead More
“War Horse” star Jeremy Irvine is set to follow in the footsteps of Daniel Radcliffe, signing on to star in the sequel to the film that proved to be a success for Radcliffe’s post-Harry Potter career. “The Woman in Black: Angel of Death”, takes place 40 years after the events that terrorized a Victorian British village in the original, and British actress Phoebe Fox will star opposite Irvine in the World War II set horror. The creepy Eel Marsh House at the center of the original film is back, asRead More
This one has been in development hell for quite some time, but it appears there’s movement on one of two dueling biopics of wartime photographer Robert Capa, with British actor Tom Hiddleston confirming to Shortlist (via Playlist) that he will play the titular role in Paul Andrew Williams’ “Capa.” Back in 2010, it had appeared now-Spider-Man Andrew Garfield and Gemma Arterton may have the lead roles, though even then we were skeptical and it appears that skepticism was founded. Arterton is no longer attached to the film despite having starredRead More