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I don’t know about anyone else, I have a bit of West Memphis 3 fatigue, at least as far as Hollywood’s fascination with the case goes. The three guys recently got out, which is great, but filmmakers are just still not tired of the subject yet, even with at least four documentaries already having been made and released. “The Devil’s Knot,” though, is at least a dramatization of the events, so it’s a new approach, but this first trailer doesn’t seem to offer anything new on the issue. Then again,Read More
Asghar Farhadi is back with his follow-up to Oscar winner “A Separation” with another complicated family/relationship drama. “The Artist” star and Oscar nominee herself Berenice Bejo won the Best Actress award at Cannes for “The Past,” and today we have a brand new trailer for the film that is sure to be an Oscar player in its own right. French rising star Tahar Rahim and Iranian actor Ali Mosaffa play the two men making up the two other sides of the love triangle centered around Bejo’s Marie. When Mosaffa’s AhmadRead More
We are in for a long five months of driving puns, so strap yourself in. The newest, full-length trailer for video game adaptation of “Need for Speed” has just premiered, and Aaron Paul just can’t seem to escape the Jesse Pinkman curse. His character here is forced to watch someone he seems to love very much die in a fiery car crash, then get framed for the murder himself and sent to prison. Judging by his nefarious smirk alone, it seems Dominic Cooper is the real culprit, and Paul can’tRead More
We knew from the various trailers and TV spots released thus far that Jennifer Lawrence gives a deliciously outrageous performance in David O. Russell’s latest, “American Hustle,” and today we finally have a nice long clip of an actual scene from the film that seems to reiterate this yet again. Big hair, golden robe and Long Island accent and all, Lawrence’s Rosalyn prepares to make dinner for her husband Irving (Christian Bale) and their kid but immediately burns it instead. He’s clearly resigned to the fact that she’s crazy andRead More
Newcomer kid actor Gattlin Griffith is caught at the center of a complicated situation when Josh Brolin takes him and his mom Kate Winslet hostage, and then turns out to be kind of a nice guy, in Jason Reitman’s newest film “Labor Day.” Two new trailers for the Oscar hopeful have been released, with Griffith narrating the tonally confused new footage. Based on the novel by Joyce Maynard, Brolin stars as Frank Chambers, an escaped convict who seeks shelter with Winslet’s Adele, a divorced mother with an introverted teenage sonRead More
Jonah Hill and Leonardo Dicaprio go into business together and things get a little bit out of control in the newest trailer for Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” recently confirmed to have a Christmas Day 2013 release date and a 146 minute runtime. Guess this story of wealth and excess and eventual downfall isn’t a short one. With a little more exposition than the first trailer, we are introduced once again to Dicaprio’s Jordan Belfort, a 26 year old Wall Street wunderkind who got rich fast and partiedRead More
Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer get too close too fast (for her dad’s taste, anyway) in the first trailer for the remake of 1980s teen romantic drama “Endless Love.” She’s a good girl who’s spent her life with her nose buried in a book, he’s a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but it’s pretty much love at first sight for our young lovers. Pretty soon he’s texting her romantic, not creepy at all messages like “What are you doing every day for the rest of yourRead More
Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan make a pact they all find very difficult to keep in the first red band trailer for bromantic comedy “That Awkward Moment” (formerly “Are We Officially Dating?”). The footage looks funny enough with Teller acting as scene-stealer as always, but gotta say, this charming and talented cast is the main draw for this familiar young-male-driven story of twenty-something guys who decide to stay single and then fall for some beautiful young ladies (Efron for Imogen Poots, Teller for Mackenzie Davis), complicating everything.Read More
Fox Searchlight has released two new clips of “12 Years a Slave”. Steve McQueen‘s acclaimed drama stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as Soloman Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, who is abducted and sold into slavery. Through his twelve years as a slave, he serves various owners, including the ruthless Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender) and his wife (Sarah Paulson). In the first clip, Paulson’s character summons Northup to fetch a list of orders, to which he accepts with obedience. But before he heads out to do her errands, sheRead More
Entertainment Tonight brings us our first look at behind the scenes of “Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters,” featuring newcomer Zoey Deutch as Rose Hathaway, a half human/half vampire. Rose is a guardian of the Moroi, peaceful, mortal vampires, who runs away from St. Vladimir’s Academy (the titular Vampire Academy) with her best friend Lissa (Lucy Fry), who’s a Moroi Princess. When she’s brought back by Guardian Dimitri Belikov (Danila Kozlovsky), the two develop intense feelings for one another and face numerous complications, such as him being her mentor and teacher. AlsoRead More