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Anna Kendrick, Olivia Wilde, Ron Livingston and “New Girl”‘s Jake Johnson will star in indie comedy “Drinking Buddies”, according to Deadline. Joe Swanberg will direct the “indie improv comedy” about a “fun and flirtatious friendship that goes off the rails.” Livingston plays the guy part of that friendship, Chris, while there’s no word on whether Kendrick or Wilde will play the female. Kendrick’s casting was announced first, though Wilde seems the more conventional choice. Filming begins in Chicago later this month. Wilde and Kendrick are two of the busiest actressesRead More
“Akira” getting pushed back may be a blessing in disguise for Garrett Hedlund (some would say flat out blessing, but we digress). Variety reports the star now has an open slot in his schedule and has promptly filled it with something awesome: Hedlund is jumping on board the Coen Brothers’ next directorial vehicle, the 1960s set folk music drama “Inside Llewyn Davis”, which already stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. Isaac plays Davis, a fictional character loosely based on 1960s Greenwich Village based musician Dave VanRead More
UPDATE: THR reports Keira Knightley has been approached to take a role in the film as well, but like Bonham Carter and Oldman, has not entered any formal negotiations yet. It’s really happening. Warner Bros is moving full speed ahead on a project that many people have hoped would just go away. Last we heard, “Akira” had been officially greenlit and filmmakers were looking at Garrett Hedlund for the lead role. Well, now it’s official. Twitch reported earlier this morning that the offer had been made to Hedlund to takeRead More
It’s been quite a roller coaster for Warner Bros’ ambitious big budget adaptation of iconic Japanese manga “Akira”, and it looks like the journey is not over, as perhaps many fans had hoped. The production began casting a net for young actors as potential leads in March, then the studio apparently got nervous with the lack of star power and offered it to Keanu Reeves… who promptly turned it down. Director Albert Hughes then vacated the chair, and in July “Unknown” helmer Jaume Collet-Serra stepped in, but whether the projectRead More
Who’s ready to go head to head with arguably one of the biggest movie stars in the world? Variety reports five young up and coming young actresses are testing this weekend to star opposite Tom Cruise in new sci-fi epic “Horizons” (formerly “Oblivion”). Will it be Brit Marling, Olivia Wilde, Noomi Rapace, Jessica Chastain or Olga Kurylenko, some combination of the above or others altogether? All five young ladies are testing for two roles up for grabs on Saturday, but other names are still under consideration. “Tron: Legacy” helmer JosephRead More
Olivia Wilde’s increasingly busy schedule just got a little fuller, with Variety reporting the 26-year-old actress has signed on to star opposite Bradley Cooper in dramatic thriller “The Words”, which is the feature directorial debut of Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal, who wrote “Tron: Legacy”, which starred Wilde. Ben Barnes, French actress Nora Arnezeder and J.K. Simmons are also joining the cast, which already includes Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Irons and Dennis Quaid. Cooper plays a successful writer who realizes he has to pay a price when he plagiarizes someone else’sRead More
Is Garrett Hedlund the hardest working guy in Hollywood? Yesterday, he finally wrapped up shooting Walter Salles’ “On the Road” in Sacramento, CA – hours before the Los Angeles premiere of his other film “Tron: Legacy”, out December 17. He tells Screen Crave of the film he’d been shooting since July, “Yesterday morning I was driving across the Bay Bridge in a Hudson, wrapped at 11, jumped on a plane to get back here [Los Angeles], cut my hair, and went straight to the Tron [Legacy] premiere.” In “Road”, HedlundRead More
A new trailer has been released for “Tron: Legacy” and focuses much more on the characters and relationships of the story rather than the special effects and action. Oh, don’t worry, there are plenty of those, particularly in a weird digitally de-aged Jeff Bridges as 1980’s era Kevin Flynn, but the bulk of the trailer is spent on delivering emotional punch, as Flynn disappears, leaving young son Sam orphaned. There are plenty of father/son reunion shots, Olivia Wilde is also on board to deliver some romantic tension with a grownRead More

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TRON: LEGACY – 10 Questions in 60 Seconds

Watch two of the most in-demand young actors on the scene right now, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, shoot rapid-fire questions at each other about their December 17, 2010 release “Tron: Legacy”. Hit Read More to watch them in a scene from the movie. Hedlund can next be seen in “Country Strong” and recently completed work on “On the Road”, based on the classic Kerouac tale. Wilde just finished shooting “Cowboys and Aliens” opposite Harrison Ford and is in the mix for Ridley Scott’s “Alien” prequel.Read More