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Posted On March 19, 2015By Alamin YohannesIn Features, Television

Up&Comers Spotlight: The Cast of ‘The 100’

Up&Comers Spotlight is a new recurring feature that highlights great performances by rising stars in both television and film.  Beware of spoilers. It’s been about a week since “The 100” aired its season finale and I just cannot stop thinking about it. A magnificent end to a great season. In addition, today is the one year anniversary of the series premiere. Basically, I have “The 100” on the brain, so I decided to highlight the cast in the first Up&Comers Spotlight. The series has several things going for it, includingRead More
the100 1x13
Last week, against Bellamy’s (Bob Morley) opinion, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) decided that “The 100” needed to move away from camp and avoid war with the Grounders. We pick up with Clarke fixing Raven (Lindsey Morgan) up as much as possible – though the bullet is still in her temporarily – so they can get moving ASAP. Only problem? Grounder scouts. Or maybe just one with incredible aim, but just in case, they head back to camp, figuring it’s too late. So now they’re stuck at camp like sitting ducks, waitingRead More
In part one of the two-parter season finale, Bellamy (Bob Morley) is falling apart trying to get “The 100” ready for a Grounder attack without Clarke (Eliza Taylor) around to level him out. Dude is stressin’. He continues to refuse the others wanting to go in search of Clarke, Finn (Thomas McDonell), and Monty (Christopher Larkin), believing it futile. Raven (Lindsey Morgan) tries to convince him that leaders shouldn’t leave their people behind; going back for them will earn his people’s trust. Basically, it’s what Clarke would do. Jasper (DevonRead More
I Am Become Death

Posted On May 22, 2014By Katie VincentIn Television, TV Recaps

TV RECAP: A Bloody Virus Hits ‘The 100’

After last week’s Project Exodus crashed and burned, the main crew of “The 100” search the site and find nothing but ash and dead bodies. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) finds some gas dripping and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) informs her that it has the potential to blow them all to bits. And on that note, they head back to camp. While on the lookout for their leaders to come back, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) notices a lily hanging on a tree: a notice from Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) to meet him. After listening toRead More
'The 100' Episode 1.08, 'Day Trip'

Posted On May 8, 2014By Katie VincentIn Television, TV Recaps

TV RECAP: ‘The 100’ Go a Little Nutty

This week’s episode of “The 100” was lacking in the usual Ark drama, focusing primarily on the kids. We open on the tied up, bloodied up, hot Grounder (Ricky Whittle). God bless you, CW, and your need to make every character good looking. Since booting up the radio last week, it seems they’ve also obtained video, and the kids are called one by one to talk to their parents. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) talks to the Council about the impending winter and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) notifies her of an aidRead More
Contents Under Pressure
In this week’s episode of “The 100,” aptly titled “Contents Under Pressure,” the teens are put through the wringer. Finn (Thomas McDonell) is in critical condition, – the knife is still through his chest! – from the rescue mission to save Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) from the Grounder, and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is a bit out of her element with this one, as Raven (Lindsey Morgan) attempts to make contact with the Ark for assistance. The radio frequency is weak as the hurricane picks up outside and everyone is camped outRead More
Looks like it’s “Lost” meets “Lord of the Flies” in our newest look at The CW’s midseason supernatural drama “The 100.” Based on the Kass Morgan novel of the same name, the series is set in a future where the Earth has become inhospitable and the remaining human races lives aboard a spacecraft. When the Ark, as it’s called, begins to run out of energy, a group of juvenile delinquent (and aesthetically pleasing) teenagers are sent back down to their home planet with the hopes of repopulating it. Well, naturally,Read More