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Gotta love these casting musical chairs. “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” is having a hard time finding its Lizzie Bennett, “Akira” is still trying to lock down its cast, and go ahead and add Spike Lee’s “Oldboy” to that list as well. After signing on Josh Brolin for the lead in the remake of the Korean revenge thriller, the filmmakers are having a harder time getting actors to commit to the film’s other roles. Offers to play the villain opposite Brolin have gone out to Colin Firth and Christian Bale,Read More
Shia LaBeouf is a rising star, who still hasn’t quite hit the right note yet. He’s starred in several tentpole films, including the Indian Jones franchise and headlining the Transformers films but is mostly forgotten in smaller ensemble films such as 2006’s Bobby and 2009’s New York, I Love You. He currently has crime drama The Wettest Country in the World, also starring Tom Hardy, Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain, in post-production and is currently filming Robert Redford’s political thriller The Company You Keep, another ensemble flick starring Anna KendrickRead More
Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jessica Chastain, the hardest working actress in Hollywood right now, has landed one of two female roles up for grabs opposite Tom Cruise in a new untitled sci-fi epic, formerly titled “Oblivion”, then “Horizons.” Variety broke the news earlier today. Chastain beat out the likes of Olivia Wilde, Brit Marling, Noomi Rapace and Olga Kurylenko for the role, although it’s possible one of the other actresses could end up taking the other role. “Tron: Legacy” helmer Joseph Kosinski directs the film about a man named Jack who livesRead More
Only in the movies! Twenty four year old actor Dane DeHaan – who is admittedly pretty youthful looking – has been set for one of the last major roles in “Blue Valentine” director Derek Cianfrance’s next film, “The Place Beyond the Pines”: as the son of Ryan Gosling, who is only seven years his senior in real life. Variety broke the news today. DeHaan joins Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Greta Gerwig and Ray Liotta in the “multi-generational crime drama” that sees Gosling as a first time father who turnsRead More
Jessica Chastain is gearing up to be one scary mother. The “Tree of Life” star is in negotiations with Universal International to take the lead in “Mama”, a horror flick produced and mentored by Guillermo Del Toro, reports Twitch Film. Spanish helmer Andres Muschietti will direct the feature, which he is expanding from his own short film of the same name. Mschietti’s original short centered around two young girls, Lili and Victoria who flee from a ghostly woman that resembles their dead mother, while the expanded feature will skew theRead More
Shia LaBeouf has Robert Redford in his cross-hairs. The young rising star has been cast opposite the veteran Oscar winner in “The Company You Keep”, a political thriller that sees the two at odds. Redford will also be directing the film from Voltage Pictures and Wildwood Enterprises. Lem Dobbs wrote the screenplay, which “chronicles the story of a former Weather Underground militant wanted by the FBI for 30 years, who must go on the run when his true identity is exposed by a young, ambitious reporter hell-bent on making aRead More
It would be an understatement to say British director David Yates has a good working relationship with Warner Bros. Having directed the last four “Harry Potter” movies and with that slightly lucrative franchise now at an end, the studio is now eager to offer their arguably most successful director his choice of their next big project. While he contemplates taking on a trilogy of Stephen King’s “The Stand” and twisted fairy tale “Fables”, the project the closest to actually getting made is called “Cicero”, an Al Capone origin tale thatRead More
Didn’t we just talk about being overloaded on vampire movies? But gotta say, if anything can get our interests piqued in the 4,458th vampire flick to come along over the course of 2 years, it’s the onscreen reunion of Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender, who set the screen aflame in Cary Fukunaga’s recent critically acclaimed adaptation of “Jane Eyre”. Screen Daily reports that the “Jane Eyre” lovebirds will join Tilda Swinton in playing vampires in Jim Jarmusch’s still-untitled movie, described as “crypto-vampire love story, set against the romantic desolation ofRead More
Fast-rising actor Dane DeHaan is the first to be cast in 20th Century Fox’s sci-fi thriller “Chronicle”, according to Variety. DeHaan will eventually be joined by two similarly aged co-stars to make up the trio. The story centers around three Portland teenagers who are exposed to a mysterious substance in the woods and subsequently develop superpowers. They begin to work together to hone their new skills but soon find themselves turning on each other. Fox bought the Max Landis script last August and Josh Trank, who will be making hisRead More
Mia Wasikowska’s 2011 dance card just got even more full. Previously we reported that she was trying to decide between John Hillcoat‘s Prohibition era drama “The Wettest County in the World” and “Stoker”, a drama from “Prison Break” star turned screenwriter Wentworth Miller and that she was hoping to do both if schedule allowed. She then proceeded to choose “Stoker” first, leaving her involvement in “The Wettest County” in doubt, but today THR reports that she found room for both projects after all, as she is now officially confirmed forRead More