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After circling Tom Hiddleston and Alexander Skarsgard, it appears “The Crow” has finally landed. Deadline reports the long-gestating gothic thriller remake has snagged British rising star Luke Evans for the lead role, who apparently had been director F. Javier Gutierrez’s first choice all along. Evans will take on the role of Eric Draven, a rock star brutally murdered while trying to protect his fiance from a gang of thugs. He is resurrected by supernatural forces and seeks revenge. The original film starring Brandon Lee – itself adapted from comics byRead More
British rising star Luke Evans is ready to put the second part of that moniker to the test, as THR reports he has landed his first starring studio role, as the titular original vampire in “Dracula: Year Zero.” Gary Shore is making his directorial debut on the film, which at one point had Sam Worthington attached to the lead role. But it’s now Evans who will star in the origin tale, which sees Dracula as a young Prince who offers his soul up to a bloodthirsty sultan when his wifeRead More
We just got word that Liam Hemsworth is the chosen “The Hunger Games” star who will present the first footage of the anticipated sequel “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” at next week’s MTV Movie Awards, and now Hemsworth has even more news! The rising young actor is close to being confirmed as the lead of sci-fi thriller conspiracy film, “The Raven“. Ricardo de Montreuil will be sitting in the director’s chair for the film which is based on his own short film of the same name. Michael Gilio and JustinRead More
Is Luke Evans the new Jason Statham? In a manner of speaking, perhaps. While reports had been swirling that the British action star was being courted for a role in Justin Lin’s “Fast Six” – yes, that’s the fifth sequel to “The Fast and the Furious” franchise – Twitch Film now reports it’s Statham’s fellow UKer Evans who has been officially offered the role of the film’s villain. As it’s just an offer at this stage, Evans’ involvement in the film is nowhere near certain. The franchise that stars PaulRead More
The long-anticipated sequel to JJ Abrams‘ successful 2009 reboot of “Star Trek” is finally making some headway. Most of the original cast will return, Benicio Del Toro was announced earlier this month to be taking on the villain role, and today Variety reports British actress Alice Eve has been chosen by Abrams for an unspecified role, with a deal expected to close soon. Eve tested for the role – believed to be a brand new character never before seen in “Star Trek” canon – alongside “Captain America”‘s Hayley Atwell andRead More
Those of you in attendance at Comic-Con in July have seen it already, but Relativity Media has finally put online the first trailer for historical murder mystery “The Raven”, starring John Cusack as the famous mustached crime novel writer Edgar Allen Poe whose grisly stories prove to be the source of inspiration for a mysterious new serial killer. Sort of a “Sleepy Hollow” / “From Hell” feel here as Poe teams up with a dogged detective, played by Luke Evans, in a race against the clock to find the killerRead More
He may have lost out on the Bourne reboot, but Luke Evans isn’t struggling to fill his schedule. THR reports from Cannes that the British up and comer will star in indie horror film “No One Lives”, a sort of “The Strangers” in reverse about a gang of criminals who take a young couple into an abandoned house to be tortured, only to have the tables turned on them. Filming will begin on June 13 in New Orleans. No word on who Evans will play or who might join himRead More
British actor Luke Evans is the next young star with still unproven mettle getting a potential blockbuster built just for him. Deadline reports FilmNation Entertainment has bought and will develop “The Amateur American” as a starring vehicle for Evans, who they are banking on to become one of the next hot young stars to break out in a big way. The action-thriller will be written and directed by Ross Katz, and expected to begin shooting in September. The film will center around Evans, who will play “a young American livingRead More