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Posted On June 2, 2014By Layla HedgesIn Television

TV: NBC Sets Fall Premiere Schedule

NBC has announced its official premiere dates for both new and returning shows this fall. Most of the dramas take center stage premiering first in September while the comedies are mostly held for the start of October. A breakout hit of last season, “The Blacklist” gets the ball rolling with a premiere Monday, September 22nd at 10 pm (following reality competition staple “The Voice”). “Chicago Fire” returns Tuesday, September 23rd in the 10 pm time slot. Wednesday, September 24th, carries the first new show with “The Mysteries of Laura” premieringRead More
The Blacklist - Season 1
Liz (Megan Boone) came away from the long-awaited confrontation with her husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) in this week’s episode of “The Blacklist” with more questions than answers, yet again, and it looks like she’ll be throwing herself back into work next week, if we go by these new stills released for episode 1.19, “The Kingmaker” – while continuing to unravel the mysteries behind the ever-elusive Red (James Spader), of course. “The Blacklist” is back on NBC Monday nights at 10pm after another month-long hiatus. THE NEXT TARGET ON THE BLACKLISTRead More
The Blacklist Episode 1.14
A fancy Embassy party seems like the perfect place to pull of an elaborate heist, or so Red (James Spader) tries to convince Liz (Megan Boone) in the first stills released from “The Blacklist” episode 1.14, titled “Madeline Pratt.” Yes, the Olympics have forced a month long hiatus upon “The Blacklist” fans, so soon after it returned from the usual winter hiatus, but on February 24th, there’s more terrorists to take down and more secrets to be revealed. The next name on the titular Blacklist is Madeline Pratt, for whomRead More
The Blacklist - Season 1
The midseason finale of “The Blacklist” is already here, and if even only a few of the barely hidden secrets come to light in these last two episodes, it’s going to have plenty of action. There is still so much we don’t know, from the identity of Liz’s (Megan Boone) real father to the issue of whether or not Liz’s seemingly normal husband, Tom (Ryan Eggold) is a super secret, evil killer spy. I’m leaning towards “hopefully,” but only because I’m an optimist. So how much will be revealed? In stillsRead More
The Blacklist - Season 1
Now that Liz (Megan Boone) has finally made some degree of peace with her husband,  and even Red, (James Spader) she can continue to enlist Red’s help in catching the next criminal off his blacklist. This is the second week in a row “The Blacklist” has brought in some surprising actors to play the episode’s villain. Last week it was Robert Sean Leonard, or Dr. Wilson from “House.”  This week, the supposed leader of a radical anti-capitalist terrorist cell is Justin Kirk, most known as the lovable Andy Botwin from “Weeds.” They gave him a blondeRead More
The Blacklist - Season 1
In images from next week’s episode, entitled “Frederick Barnes,” it appears that Liz is getting along with the men in her life. But as anyone who watches “The Blacklist” knows by now, appearances are not to be trusted. From the photos, it seems like Liz (Megan Boone) will spend a considerable amount of time navigating through a hospital, presumably on a wild chase for another high-brow criminal mastermind. The usual. It also appears that Liz and her possibly-a-spy husband, Ryan (Tom Eggold), are spending time at a hotel in surprising marital bliss.Read More
The Blacklist - Season 1
NBC has released new stills from upcoming episodes of “The Blacklist,” and the photos seem to indicate a big reveal is on the horizon. In the photos from from episode 5, titled “The Courier,” Liz (Megan Boone) and Meera (Parminda Negra) team up in the field to track down a mysterious criminal known as The Courier. Episode 6, titled “Gina Zanetakos,” shows Liz on the trail of an unknown woman (guest star Margarita Levieva), something that may spell danger for her. Other stills show Liz and husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) surrounded by heavily armed menRead More
Each year with the end of summer and start of the fall TV season, we look forward to the return of all our favorites and anticipate the newest series that will soon get to earn our love. But fall premieres also bring us a wealth of new stars, many we’ve seen before and some joining us for the first time, all battling it out against bigger names and amongst themselves for the rare, unpredictable chance to break out. Yes, the road is definitely not an easy one, as ratings are anRead More