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Braydon Denney
A trailer for the Terrence Malick-produced “The Better Angels” has premiered, giving us a new look at newcomer Braydon Denney as a young Abraham Lincoln in the feature directorial and screenwriting debut from Malick’s longtime collaborator A.J. Edwards. Derived from an interview (“Lincoln’s Boyhood: Reminiscences of His Cousin and Play-mate, Dennis Hanks” in American Magazine 65, Feb 1908) with Lincoln’s last surviving cousin, Dennis Hanks (played by Cameron Mitchell Williams), “The Better Angels” is a black-and-white cinematic picture depicting the formative years — specifically 1817-1819 — in which Lincoln grewRead More
So it looks like Terrence Malick is one super hands-on producer, or he’s very much okay with imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. The first teaser for A.J. Edwards’ directorial debut “The Better Angels” has arrived and nobody would blink if you told them this was a Malick vehicle instead. Jason Clarke, Diane Kruger and Brit Marling star in this black-and-white biopic about the childhood of Abraham Lincoln and like all children, it involved a lot of running through fields as a camera swayed lazily alongside them, capturing itRead More
While Brie Larson and Emilia Clarke continue to battle it out for the coveted Sarah Connor role in the “Terminator” reboot recently titled “Terminator: Genesis,” it looks like Paramount and Alan Taylor have zeroed in on their John Connor, and it’s not Tom Hardy. The Wrap reports Jason Clarke is now in early talks for the role, while the director and studio have differing ideas about who to cast as Sarah. The film, which will also have a TV series tie-in, will feature a young Sarah Connor (indeed, younger thanRead More
Jason Clarke in "The Better Angels"
This used to be called “The Green Blade Rises” but looks like it’s had a name change. Today we have the first images from young Abraham Lincoln biopic “The Better Angels,” via The Playlist, and it sure looks as gorgeous as a Terrence Malick produced and influenced film should. The photos feature Jason Clarke as Lincoln’s callous and abusive father Tom, Brit Marling as Abe’s mother Nancy, who died when he was nine, Diane Kruger as his stepmother Sarah and Wes Bentley as a school teacher. The kid pictured mustRead More