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Posted On February 5, 2011By Rebecca LewisIn Casting

Cobie Smulders in talks to join “The Avengers”

More casting news for Joss Whedon’s reboot of Marvel’s “The Avengers”. Following Samuel L. Jackson’s little slip earlier in the week that he was testing with five actresses for an unidentified role, Deadline are now reporting that Cobie Smulders is the front runner to play SHIELD Agent Maria Hill and a deal could be made by the end of the weekend. In the comics, Agent Hill became interim Director of SHIELD when Nick Fury went into hiding. Not loyal to Fury, Hill quickly establishes new policies for Supeheroes and triesRead More
Marvel released today the first teaser poster for this July’s “Captain America: The First Avenger”, starring Chris Evans, former Johnny Storm and now Steve Rogers himself. The Cap looks pretty sad and dirty here, sans winged helmet, clutching his iconic shield with just the word “AVENGE” written across his chest. Quite obviously a pun on the fact that, like the title of the film suggests, Steve Rogers does, in fact, have a lot of “avenging” to do in his future, as the first member of the Marvel cross-title superhero teamRead More
Don’t know why some other sites seem to groan at shortlist and finalist stories, because personally, we love them. Hearing about who is up for certain high profile roles gives us a better understanding of the type of interpretation a character might be given based on which actors are seen, and it clues us into who the sought-after actors of the moment are, namely the ones who show up on more than one shortlist. So today we are more than happy to bring you a list of young up andRead More

Posted On December 29, 2010By Linda GeIn General News

Jeremy Renner will cameo as Hawkeye in “Thor”

There had been contradicting reports about whether Jeremy Renner, set to play Clint Barton, aka Marvel superhero Hawkeye, in “The Avengers”, would make a cameo appearance in character in next summer’s Chris Hemsworth starrer “Thor”. Most of the confusion came from Renner himself, who first hinted to Empire that Hawkeye might make his first appearance in “Thor” but later recanted to Movieline. It appears now that perhaps he had simply given away a secret he shouldn’t have, as someone who saw an early cut of “Thor” tells The Wrap thatRead More
Marvel has revealed to Yahoo! Movies the first teaser poster for one of next summer’s most anticipated action flicks: “Thor”. Cast in black and white except for his blood red cape, Chris Hemsworth, as the titular character, stands facing away from the camera and prominently displaying his iconic magical hammer Mjǫllnir, which figured into the ending of this summer’s “Iron Man 2”. It provides some continuity as Thor will also come in contact with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Agent Coulson in the film, and then fully merge with Marvel universe, becoming oneRead More
Jeremy Renner hasn’t read the script for “The Avengers” yet, he tells MTV News from Dubai, where he’s shooting the next “Mission Impossible” movie opposite Tom Cruise. He has, however, been keeping in touch with his fellow “Avengers”, in particular Robert Downey Jr, who has read the script. “I have not [read the script], and that’s what I was chatting about,” he said of texting Downey, currently on location in London filming “Sherlock Holmes 2”. “Feeling it out, saying hi, and seeing how he’s doing on ‘Sherlock.’ Just touching baseRead More