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In part one of the two-parter season finale, Bellamy (Bob Morley) is falling apart trying to get “The 100” ready for a Grounder attack without Clarke (Eliza Taylor) around to level him out. Dude is stressin’. He continues to refuse the others wanting to go in search of Clarke, Finn (Thomas McDonell), and Monty (Christopher Larkin), believing it futile. Raven (Lindsey Morgan) tries to convince him that leaders shouldn’t leave their people behind; going back for them will earn his people’s trust. Basically, it’s what Clarke would do. Jasper (DevonRead More
Thriller “Regression” has been filming for a while now, but has made one last-minute casting addition. Deadline reports “The 100” star Devon Bostick has joined Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke on the Alejandro Amenábar directed film. Along with the casting news, there’s also some new but conflicting details on the plot. We previously reported the film followed Hawke as a father who is accused of committing a crime he has no memory of, but the new report suggests Hawke is actually playing a detective, looking into the claims made byRead More
I Am Become Death

Posted On May 22, 2014By Katie VincentIn Television, TV Recaps

TV RECAP: A Bloody Virus Hits ‘The 100’

After last week’s Project Exodus crashed and burned, the main crew of “The 100” search the site and find nothing but ash and dead bodies. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) finds some gas dripping and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) informs her that it has the potential to blow them all to bits. And on that note, they head back to camp. While on the lookout for their leaders to come back, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) notices a lily hanging on a tree: a notice from Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) to meet him. After listening toRead More
It’s Unity Day on this week’s episode of “The 100” and while it apparently has some historical meaning for the people on the Ark, to the kids on the ground, it means a chance to party. Jasper (Devon Bostick) brings the booze as they watch Chancellor Jaha’s (Isaiah Washington) message about Unity Day and seeing the ground soon. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) uses this opportunity to sneak out of camp, not without escaping Finn’s (Thomas McDonell) notice. Meanwhile, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is stressing about the inevitable war with the Grounders, BellamyRead More
'The 100' Episode 1.08, 'Day Trip'
The CW was the last of the network TV channels to announce their fall schedule, and changes are coming to the network. After a relatively successful year for the network, they’ve moved around a few shows in an attempt to build up some of their weaker nights. Mondays will kick off with “The Originals” at 8PM, followed by telenova adaptation “Jane the Virgin” at 9. Grant Gustin starrer “The Flash” will lead Tuesday nights, taking over the 8PM slot. “Supernatural” remains in its cozy 9PM Tuesday night corner where itRead More
'The 100' Episode 1.08, 'Day Trip'

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TV RECAP: ‘The 100’ Go a Little Nutty

This week’s episode of “The 100” was lacking in the usual Ark drama, focusing primarily on the kids. We open on the tied up, bloodied up, hot Grounder (Ricky Whittle). God bless you, CW, and your need to make every character good looking. Since booting up the radio last week, it seems they’ve also obtained video, and the kids are called one by one to talk to their parents. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) talks to the Council about the impending winter and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) notifies her of an aidRead More
'The 100' Episode 1.08, 'Day Trip'
After last night’s intense episode, it looks like things may be calming down a bit for the kids of “The 100” based on these new stills for episode 1.08, titled “Day Trip.” Oh, who are we kidding? There’s probably more murder and betrayal and worse monsters in store for these unlucky Earth dwellers. Well, things at least seem to be looking up for the Grounder (Ricky Whittle), who now has a name – Lincoln – and who seems to be growing ever closer still to Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Poor JasperRead More
Contents Under Pressure
In this week’s episode of “The 100,” aptly titled “Contents Under Pressure,” the teens are put through the wringer. Finn (Thomas McDonell) is in critical condition, – the knife is still through his chest! – from the rescue mission to save Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) from the Grounder, and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is a bit out of her element with this one, as Raven (Lindsey Morgan) attempts to make contact with the Ark for assistance. The radio frequency is weak as the hurricane picks up outside and everyone is camped outRead More
Contents Under Pressure
A new episode of our new favorite show “The 100” airs tonight, and we’ve also received a new poster which seems to hint at what’s the come in the second half of the season as well as stills from next week’s episode, “Contents Under Pressure.” Spoiler alert, but it looks like Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) gets back safe and sound to the 100, while Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) have put aside their differences to work together on saving…uh, oh, is that Finn (Thomas McDonnell) on that stretcher? “TheRead More
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The CW’s “The 100” is one of the most compelling new shows of the season and over the weekend at WonderCon we had the opportunity to sit down with some of the cast members and showrunner Jason Rothenberg to talk over a wide variety of topics. Raven is the sole of the “100” who spent the first few episodes of the show on the Ark with the adult characters. At our interview at WonderCon, actress Lindsey Morgan talked to us about what it was like when she finally got toRead More