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Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) faces her own mortality in season 2 of “Orphan Black,” according to a new featurette released for the breakout BBC America hit, which returns next month. She’s a hippie, she’s “West Coast,” smart as hell but also cool and sensual, according to behind the scenes interviews with the show’s cast and crew. This season, not only is she digging for the truth behind the cloning program that led to her existence as well as the existence of so many women who share her exact DNA, on topRead More
TVLine has released exclusive new photos for the BBC America sci-fi thriller “Orphan Black.” Keeping in line with the show’s freaky tone, the character posters are optical illusions and are unsettling in a really cool way. Tatiana Maslany is truly the woman of many faces, and nothing shows that off more than these pictures that are all very different but also “One. Of a kind.” It’s stupid that I have chills already. The promo posters include Maslany’s characters Sarah, Alison, Cosima and, the newest clone in the mix, the ruthlessRead More
A new season of “Orphan Black” is almost upon us and today BBC America really ramped up its marketing push by releasing a new poster, new stills and the identity of a new clone (played, yet again, by Tatiana Maslany, but of course). The stills (via EW’s cover story this week) are pretty standard – Sarah bruised up and on the run, Cosima getting some love from Delphine, Alison and Donny attending the funeral of the woman she may or may not have murdered, etc – and the poster viaRead More
Alison (Tatiana Maslany) is going to have it pretty rough in the season 2 premiere of “Orphan Black.” As we previously saw, she’s going to get kidnapped by some mysterious men, and in this newest teaser, it confirms she’s also still dealing with the fallout of letting her neighbor Ainsley die, thinking she was her “Monitor” (Wrong: It’s actually her husband). Here, Felix (Jordan Gavaris) reassures her it wasn’t really murder. Well, it also wasn’t much of an accident, was it?Read More
As Paul (Dylan Bruce) gets back into bed with the enemy, it looks like Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) is getting into compromising situations with someone new as well. Michiel Huisman makes his first appearance in the newest teaser from “Orphan Black” season 2, playing a mystery man who clearly has some history with our favorite clone.Read More
Paul (Dylan Bruce) is in the hot seat in the latest Instagram teaser for the second season of “Orphan Black.” As always Tatiana Maslany shares the scene with him, but she’s pro-clone Rachel here, not Sarah. With Neolution holding a deep dark secret of his, Paul is now asked to make a choice once and for all between his employers and the clone he’d fallen for and aided last season.Read More
UPDATE: A new 30 second teaser with some new footage has been added below as well! We checked in with Sarah (and Rachel) and Cosima and today in the clone spotlight is soccer mom Alison Hendrix (once again, Tatiana Maslany, ladies and gentlemen) featured in the newest quick teaser for season 2 of “Orphan Black.” She may seem like an easy target, but as this clip shows, Alison’s packing heat – in the form of mace and a rape whistle. So who’s taking her? What do they want? Yet anotherRead More
The Seven Days of “Orphan Black” continues, as promised, and today it’s sexy scientist Cosima Niehaus (Tatiana Maslany – who else?) in the spotlight. Last we left off, Cosima had been digging deep into the science behind how she and her fellow clones were made and discovered the disturbing reality that Neolution owns the intellectual property rights on their DNA. Yikes, and definitely not legal as far as we are aware, not that that’s stopped them before.Read More
We saw a glimpse of this scene in the first photo released from the highly anticipated second season of BBC America’s breakout hit “Orphan Black,” and now we’ve got the first look at the scene in action, featuring – what else – Tatiana Maslany pulling double duty.Read More
Following last month’s less than revealing teaser trailers, “Orphan Black” has upped the ante with our first true look at the series’ upcoming second season, courtesy of EW. In the new still, Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) doesn’t look too happy with pro-clone Rachel Duncan (also Tatiana Maslany), and we’re sure it has something to do with discovering her daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler), has been kidnapped. Neolution’s little pet has a gun pointed at her face, as the two stare at each other menacingly, neither one backing down. It’s safe toRead More