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Posted On January 6, 2015By Alamin YohannesIn Casting

Maggie Grace and Uzo Aduba to Lead Indie ‘Showing Roots’

A prisoner and a hostage are on their way to the South. Uzo Aduba and Maggie Grace have joined drama “Showing Roots” as the leads according to Deadline. The film is set in 1977 when the extremely popular miniseries “Roots” aired in the US. Aduba and Grace play women who live in a Southern town that is greatly impacted by the airing of the project. While tensions are on the rise in the town after it airs, these two women find inspiration in it. They try to integrate their community using theirRead More
Up-and-coming actor Jonny Weston could be about to get his big break. It’s been announced via Variety that he is set to join “Taken 3,” alongside Liam Neeson, Forest Whittaker and Famke Janssen. Although plot details are yet unknown, we know that he is set to play Maggie Grace‘s boyfriend. As we know, Maggie Grace’s character, Kim, was taken in the first “Taken.” Say she was taken in this installment, could Neeson’s Bryan Mills be joined by Weston’s character in the pursuit to get her back? Just a thought. ItRead More
The first “Taken” was a genuine surprise. Liam Neeson was a nice bit of casting for the role of Bryan Mills – which drifted his career into a new direction – and it brought some pretty tasty action to boot, but the sequel was poor. Now the casting has arrived for the third, “Taken 3”, and it’s been reported via Deadline that Maggie Grace, i.e. the girl who gets taken from Neeson in “Taken,” is set to reprise her role one last time. There’s been no plot details yet, but IRead More
Luke Grimes will be joining the cast of sequel “Taken 2”, according to Variety. Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace are all reprising their roles – as father, mother and daughter, respectively – from the original 2008 blockbuster hit. Director Olivier Megaton takes the reins this time around, and while the first film saw Neeson’s retired CIA agent going on a European tour of ass-kicking to rescue his kidnapped daughter, this time it’s mom and dad who are kidnapped. Variety speculates Grimes will play a love interest and sidekickRead More
Maggie Grace will be reprising her role as Kim Mills from 2008’s “Taken” in the sequel, Deadline reports. In the first film, Kim jets off to Europe for an unsupervised vacation with a gal pal only to immediately end up in the hands of a prostitution smuggling ring, prompting bad-ass retired spy Bryan Mills – Liam Neeson as the unlikeliest of action heroes – to spring into action and single-handedly take down the Parisian underground and rescue his daughter. The sequel, written by Robert Mark Kamen and directed by “TransporterRead More