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After being linked to and turning down both other current Snow White movies (in the end “Mirror Mirror” went to Lily Collins and “Snow White and the Huntsman” to Kristen Stewart), Saoirse Ronan has chosen to play a sort of version of that fairy tale princess after all. Variety reports Ronan is in final negotiations for Disney’s self-described “warrior pic” “The Order of the Seven”, which originated as a version of the Snow White tale, going under the titles “Snow White and the Seven Samuri” and then “Snow and theRead More
The battle to be the fairest of them all rages on. Relativity continues to stay one step ahead of Universal in the tale of the dueling Snow Whites. While filming is still underway on Charlize Theron-Chris Hemsworth starrer “Snow White and the Huntsman”, today new looks at director Tarsem Singh’s still untitled “comedic adventure” take on the wayward Princess and her seven dwarf friends have been unveiled, giving us our first glimpse of Julia Roberts as a “relateable” Evil Queen and Armie Hammer’s dashing Prince Andrew, who attracts both princessRead More
Relativity pulls ahead of the pack one step further as it finally casts its titular princess in “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White”. Variety reports that Lily Collins is the fairest of them all who will romance Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew and defy Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. The studio toyed with the idea of casting 16-year-old Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan in the title role, but the age difference with already-cast 24-year-old Hammer was a cause for hesitation. Collins, who is 22, is much more age appropriate while stillRead More
Hang tight to your memories of childhood fairytales, because most of them are about to get a make-over in the next couple of years. Thanks in no small part to the massive success of Tim Burton’s live-action 3-D fantasy “Alice in Wonderland”, nearly every fairytale, legend and folklore is being snatched up by studios to remake, re-invent and re-imagine for the big screen, sometimes more than once (yes, there really are three Snow Whites and two Peter Pans in active development). And each one has a new “twist” to makeRead More