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Australian newcomer Harrison Gilbertson, 20, has joined the forthcoming adaptation of the young adult novel “Fallen,” according to The Wrap. Gilbertson joins a previously announced cast of fellow up and comers, Addison Timlin and Jeremy Irvine. “Fallen” is an adaptation of the first in a four-part series of bestselling Gothic thrillers written by Lauren Kate. Luce Price (Timlin), a shy teenage girl, is sent to Sword and Cross boarding school in Savannah, Georgia, after she becomes the suspect of a boy’s death in a fire. But Sword and Cross isRead More
Another young adult fantasy adaptation is gearing up to go, and this time, as Deadline reports, Jeremy Irvine and Addison Timlin are set to play the would-be star-crossed lovers held apart by the supernatural. Lauren Kate’s “Fallen”, which has been adapted for the big screen by Kathryn Price and Nicole Millard and which will be directed by Scott Hicks, follows Timlin’s Luce, who is accused of killing a boy by starting a fire and sent to the Sword and Cross reform school, where most of the students are fallen angels.Read More
Zac Efron didn’t make much of a splash in his first attempt at telling an adult romantic story in 2009’s “Charlie St. Cloud”, but he’ll get a little help this time around from the star power of Nicholas Sparks, whose novel, “The Lucky One”, spawned Efron’s new film.. Indeed, it seems Sparks gets more camera time than Efron and co-star, newcomer Taylor Schilling, in the first look at the film, about a soldier who finds a woman’s picture in a war zone and believes it’s a lucky charm that savesRead More