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There have been plenty of film adaptations of Gustave Flaubert’s classic novel “Madame Bovary,” but it is perhaps Sophie Barthes’ version that assigns the most sizable emphasis on the titular character. Based on the 1856 novel of the same name, “Madame Bovary” tells the tale of the disillusioned Emma Bovary (played by Mia Wasikowska) who attempts to elevate her social status by engaging in lavish spending and amorous secret affairs. As expected, this excessive lifestyle catches up with her forcing her to face the consequences, and face them, she does,Read More
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Sophie Turner discovers her doppelgänger in the first trailer for Isabel Coixet‘s “Another Me.” “She’s here. She’s always been here in the shadows. But as long as you don’t look at her, she can’t hurt you,” a man (presumably Rhys Ifans) warns the “Game of Thrones” star in the trailer. Based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Cathy MacPhail, “Another Me” centers on a teenage girl named Fay (played by Turner), who discovers a doppelgänger that somehow happens to excel in everything that Fay lacks in. InRead More
British actor Henry Lloyd-Hughes (brother to “Divergent”‘s Ben Lloyd-Hughes) has landed the male lead role in the new adaptation of Flaubert’s classic novel “Madame Bovary” starring Mia Wasikowska in the lead role, according to Deadline. Paul Giamatti, Rhys Ifans and Ezra Miller also star. Rose Barreneche scripted the new adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s first novel and masterpiece, and Wasikowska, who was cast back in March of 2012, will play the titular character of Emma Bovary, a doctor’s wife who lives beyond her means and takes on many adulterous affairs inRead More
Romanian actress Ana Ularu has been cast in the pivotal role of Rachel Harmon in Susanna Bier’s “The Falling”, according to Romanian news site EVZ.ro. The film, formerly called “Serena”, stars Jennifer Lawrence in the titular role with Bradley Cooper as her husband and a supporting cast that includes Rhys Ifans, Toby Jones and David Dencik. Lawrence and Cooper play Serena and George Pemberton, newlyweds who have eyes only for each other and go to deadly lengths to eliminate anyone or anything that gets in the way of their risingRead More
So we’re three or four trailers into the promo cycle for Marc Webb’s reboot of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, and at this point, it seems like there’s just nothing new to show (that they’re not saving for the movie itself, that is). A new full length trailer is below, and while it offers brief glimpses of new scenes of Andrew Garfield searching for answers about his parents, taking to becoming Spider-Man with nerdy glee, romancing Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and ultimately fending off Rhys Ifans as The Lizard, we’re reallyRead More
We’ve seen plenty of high action, huge special effects driven montages from Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”, but the filmmakers decided to go for something decidedly more human as the first full scene clip released from the film. Andrew Garfield loves being behind that mask Spider-Man, but here, it’s obvious his Peter Parker is slightly more vulnerable to dastardly adversaries. All he wants to do is go see his girl – Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy – but even the lowliest (and stoutest) of doormen can easily stand in hisRead More
A new trailer for Marc Webb’s somewhat controversial reboot “The Amazing Spider-Man” has been released and it must be said, it looks fantastic. Sony unspooled a live worldwide preview event yesterday, which I attended, and the footage they showed the audience, including the new trailer in 3D and about 10 minutes of other scenes, all looked impressive and very fun, in no small part due to Webb and Andrew Garfield’s wisecracking and sarcastic take on Peter Parker. The “untold story” that is being used as the film’s tagline, refers toRead More
It’s the week before Comic-Con and studios are bringing out the big guns in promoting their upcoming big budget blockbusters. More and more will be revealed in the lead up to next Thursday and then even more over the course of next weekend, but Sony gets a jump on the competition by being out of the gate first, releasing to this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly some brand new shots of Andrew Garfield in costume and in action as Peter Parker, aka “The Amazing Spider-Man.” EW also reveals the firstRead More
Jason Segal and Emily Blunt comedy “Five Year Engagement” is firming up its supporting cast fast, with “Community” star Alison Brie signing on just yesterday to play Blunt’s younger sister. Today two more join the trio, as Variety reports “Parks and Recreation” star Chris Pratt and “The Amazing Spider-Man” villain Rhys Ifans have jumped on board in unspecified roles as well. Production is expected to be underway by the end of March for the film that charts the highs and lows of a couple’s (Segal and Blunt) long-gestating engagement. JuddRead More