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Posted On November 6, 2014By Lindsey YoungIn TV Recaps

TV RECAP: Three Queens (But Still No Baby) on ‘Reign’

This week’s episode of “Reign” is titled “Three Queens,” but don’t worry—last season’s Queen of the Bean isn’t making a comeback at court. Instead, Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Catherine (Megan Follows) find themselves faced with a couple of imposters who are posing as royals and wreaking havoc among the common people by taking their money and burning down their homes. At court, the real Francis (Toby Regbo) readies himself to receive his latest foreign guest and jokes around with Mary about it. But Mary, still upset over his “confession,” isRead More
Titled “Blood for Blood,” this episode of “Reign” definitely takes a bloody turn as the growing tension between the Catholics and Protestants stirs up major drama for Francis (Toby Regbo) and Mary (Adelaide Kane). Not too far from the castle, Catholics-secretly-turned-Protestants attend mass in a makeshift church. Some highborn nobles and servants secretly attend mass, and among attendees is Lord Castleroy (Michael Therriault) who set to wed Greer (Celina Sinden) very soon. In the middle of mass, a bunch of Catholics burst into the barn, harassing the church-goers, and eventuallyRead More
This week on “Reign,” the royals are plagued with a new type of sickness… Baby fever! But first on the docket is the opener for this episode titled “The Lamb and the Slaughter” which features a shepherd tormented by three hooded figures on horseback. One rider short of the Apocalypse, it’s not entirely clear what their purpose is, and it’s up to Bash (Torrance Coombs) and Louis (Sean Teale) to find out. More on that later, though. Much to Catherine’s (Megan Follows) absolute delight, it’s time for another round ofRead More

Posted On October 16, 2014By Lindsey YoungIn TV Recaps

TV RECAP: It’s Coronation Day on ‘Reign’

This week on “Reign” has everyone in France asking “Where’s the grain?” With the plague over and Francis (Toby Regbo) safely back at court, it’s time for him to actually rule over his people. It’s also time for Catherine (Megan Follows) to plan his coronation in the form of an elaborate banquet and gala complete with a golden unicorn. Francis and Mary (Adelaide Kane) are quick to protest against such a lavish event since France is in deep debt due to the plague, King Henry’s funeral, past wars, and otherRead More
This week’s episode is titled “Drawn and Quartered,” and in the medieval age, that didn’t have anything to do with pencil sketches. Nope, this week none other than Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) is sentenced to meet his end in a bloody death that includes being tied up by the limbs and then pulled by apart by horses. Ouch x100. The plague may be dying down (no pun intended), but tensions are still high at court and in the country. Corpses are everywhere, and with Francis (Toby Regbo) still absent from theRead More

Posted On October 2, 2014By Lindsey YoungIn TV Recaps

TV RECAP: “Reign” Is Back and It Brought the Plague.

After a climactic finale, the CW’s resident 16th century period drama “Reign” has finally returned for a second season bringing another round pretty dresses, a few new faces, and most importantly, the Black Death (i.e. more drama than ever). When we last left 16th century France, Mary (Adelaide Kane) shut the gates on the newly appointed King Francis (Toby Regbo) as he left court to find Lola (Anna Popplewell) a.k.a. the girl he just found out is his baby mama. As Francis arrives in the village, he sees that theRead More
Only one marriage seems to be going strong when “Reign” returns for its second season on The CW this fall, and it’s not Francis (Toby Regbo) and Mary’s (Adelaide Kane), who we last saw with a wall literally going up between them as he raced off to see his child be born and she locked him out of their castle due to an impending plague. Judging by the first trailer released today at the San Diego Comic Con, the plague is the Big Bad of season 2, affecting everyone, butRead More
Sean Teale 3
The up and coming Sean Teale is shifting gears in his television career, landing a role on the second season of “Reign.” The 22-year-old Brit will be playing the role of Conde, and this new character isn’t going anywhere – he’s been cast as a series regular. The actor is following in the footsteps of fellow “Skins” alum Kathryn Prescott, who scored a recurring role in the first season of the 2014 People’s Choice “Favorite New TV Drama.” “Reign,” a historical fiction series based on the life of Mary, QueenRead More

Posted On June 25, 2014By Layla HedgesIn Television

TV: The CW Sets Fall Premiere Schedule

The CW has announced the premiere dates for their lineup this fall. As has become typical for them, their season will begin in October. Many shows will remain in a familiar time slot, but a handful are moving to a new location in the schedule. Especially notable is “Arrow” spin-off “The Flash” receiving a premiere encore following its debut before mainstay “Supernatural”, which will be getting a “retrospective special” as it debuts its tenth season. “The Vampire Diaries” and “Reign” kick off the premiere schedule, repeating last year’s coupling ofRead More
'Reign' Episode 1.22 'Slaughter of Innocence'
My, how time flies when you’re a royal living in France in the midst of scheming, assassination plots, and seemingly inexplicable supernatural entities. This week marks the season finale of “Reign,” and loose ends aren’t so much tied up, but unraveling to stir up even more drama. Last week, Henry (Alan van Sprang) made plans to murder Francis (Toby Regbo) and wed Mary (Adelaide Kane) so that he could reign as king in France, Scotland, and England. His craziness hasn’t gone anywhere this week as he’s still adamant about thisRead More