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With all the drama that was made public about the making of Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” – over-inflated budgets, production shutdowns and restarts, plot points that involve CGI werewolves, oh wait nevermind, no werewolves – it’s probably not surprising that producer Jerry Bruckheimer would jump on getting some positive media coverage for the Gore Verbinski reboot of the classic long-running TV series as soon as possible. Filming is now underway in New Mexico with Armie Hammer in the title role and Johnny Depp as his faithful companion Tonto and BruckheimerRead More
ShockTillYouDrop has the first look at a promotional image from one of our most highly anticipated movies, Jonathan Levine’s existential zombie love story “Warm Bodies” , which is still currently shooting in Montreal. Nicholas Hoult plays a zombie who goes by R (because he can’t remember anything from his human life, much less his real name) and eats human flesh, as zombies tend to do. When he munches on the brain of Perry Kelvin (played by Dave Franco), he begins experiencing Perry’s memories and emotions, particularly towards Julie (Teresa Palmer),Read More
It’s the week before Comic-Con and studios are bringing out the big guns in promoting their upcoming big budget blockbusters. More and more will be revealed in the lead up to next Thursday and then even more over the course of next weekend, but Sony gets a jump on the competition by being out of the gate first, releasing to this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly some brand new shots of Andrew Garfield in costume and in action as Peter Parker, aka “The Amazing Spider-Man.” EW also reveals the firstRead More