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Hang tight to your memories of childhood fairytales, because most of them are about to get a make-over in the next couple of years. Thanks in no small part to the massive success of Tim Burton’s live-action 3-D fantasy “Alice in Wonderland”, nearly every fairytale, legend and folklore is being snatched up by studios to remake, re-invent and re-imagine for the big screen, sometimes more than once (yes, there really are three Snow Whites and two Peter Pans in active development). And each one has a new “twist” to makeRead More
Because there just aren’t enough fairy tale film adaptations in development, Channing Tatum is the latest star set to bring a classic and iconic fairy tale character to life on the big screen, attaching himself to star in “Peter Pan Begins”, which will tell the origin of the boy who never grows up and lives in a child’s paradise called Neverland. No firm plot details are available, but surely, since some variation of “dark, modern and edgy” have been used to describe every upcoming fairy tale film from “Red RidingRead More