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Selena Gomez will lead indie coming of age comedy “Parental Guidance Suggested”, according to THR, and will be joined by fellow teen TV stars Nat Wolff and Austin Stowell. Based on the novel “While I’m Dead…Feed the Dog” by musician Ric Browde, Wolff plays Ric Thibault, a teenager in the 1970s, who goes on a rock n’ roll journey involving “narcoleptic nuns, nymphomaniacs, the Mafia, a huckster televangelist, dying Latin teachers, corrupt school administrators, inept policemen, unscrupulous lawyers, buffoon reporters, half — witted rock and roll musicians, transsexual record companyRead More
The last time Elizabeth Olsen ended up in upstate New York at a new age commune, it didn’t work out so well. But thankfully, the hippies who occupy “Peace Love and Misunderstanding” look much less sinister than the ones who terrorized her in “Martha Marcy May Marlene.” Here, Olsen plays daughter to Catherine Keener’s soon-to-be-divorced mother, who drives her kids (Nat Wolff plays Olsen’s younger brother) to grandma Jane Fonda’s house in Woodstock, New York. There, the three generations deal with family drama as well as relationship woes and OlsenRead More
Chace Crawford is still trying hard to prove he’s not just a pretty face. The “Gossip Girl” star, who’s not given much to work with on the long-running hit CW series, routinely takes darker material when he does films on his summer hiatus and continues that trend now with indie political drama “The House Gun”, reports The LA Times. In the film, based on the novel from Nobel Prize-winner Nadine Gordimer, Crawford plays a young South African man accused of murder, with Pierce Brosnan playing his father, an architect whoRead More