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The world of Joe Wright’s “Pan” has been unveiled in the first trailer for his reinterpretation of JM Barrie’s clasic children’s novel. Wright has imagined a totally different origin story for the boy who never grew up. He’s an orphan, as played by newcomer Levi Miller, in World War II, abandoned by his mother (Amanda Seyfried) for mysterious reasons. One night, Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) and his gang kidnap him, along with hundreds of other little boys, and take them to Neverland. There, he makes friends with James Hook (Garrett Hedlund)Read More
Rooney Mara is taking the next step in her rising career, and will try her hand at producing. She is joining forces with AnnaPurna Pictures and super producer Megan Ellison to produce as a starring vehicle for herself the Somalia kidnap drama “A House in the Sky.” The film will be based on Amanda Lindhout’s own experience being kidnapped by a Somali terrorist group in 2008, as detailed in her memoir of the same name, “A House in the Sky.” Lindhout had been in Somalia for 4 days before beingRead More
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Deadline reports that British supermodel Cara Delevingne, 21, is in talks for roles in both Justin Chadwick‘s 17th century-set romance “Tulip Fever” and Joe Wright‘s Peter Pan prequel “Pan.” Delevingne is up for the role of Henrietta in “Tulip Fever,” an adaptation of Deborah Moggach’s 1999 best-seller, which depicts the affair between the young wife (Alicia Vikander) of an aristocrat and an artist (Dane DeHaan) who is hired to paint their portrait. As for her role in “Pan,” it is also apparently just a small part. The film, which includesRead More
So much for that “very international and multi-racial” world Joe Wright wanted to create for his “Peter Pan” prequel “Pan.” Variety reports the director has found his young Peter and like most of the other actors playing the major characters, young Levi Miller is very much of the Caucasian race. Hugh Jackman plays Blackbeard, Garrett Hedlund plays Hook and perhaps most egregious of all, Rooney Mara has been tapped to play Tiger Lily. And despite Adeel Akhtar as Smee, Wright’s running out of characters to cast with a little diversity,Read More

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Adeel Akhtar Cast as Smee in Joe Wright’s ‘Pan’

TheWrap reports that Adeel Akhtar, star of “Four Lions,” has been tapped to play the character Smee in Joe Wright’s “Peter Pan” prequel, “Pan.” In this origin story, we find out how the legendary lost boy found Neverland in the first place, and what he went through to become the Peter Pan we all know and love. It’s also reported that Wright is attempting to create a multi-racial and diverse Neverland, and casting Akhtar as Captain Hook’s right-hand man is a step in the right direction. However, with Hook played by Garrett Hedlund andRead More
Joe Wright has his Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman), his Hook (Garrett Hedlund) and now he’s got his Tiger Lily for Peter Pan prequel “Pan.” The Wrap reports Rooney Mara is in talks to play the character who’s traditionally an Indian princess, but who obviously will have a different backstory this time around. The prequel will follow a young orphaned boy, Peter, who’s being cast from an open call, taken to Neverland where he leads the native people in a rebellion against the evil pirates, led by Jackman’s Blackbeard. Hedlund’s Hook isRead More
Joe Wright is looking to make a discovery to fill the titular role in his prequel project “Pan.” has been set up for online submissions and an open casting call in the UK has been set for Sunday, February 23rd to find his Peter Pan. Garrett Hedlund has already been cast to play Hook, while Hugh Jackman is in talks to take the role of Blackbeard, the film’s main villain. This tale will follow an orphan who’s taken to Neverland and teams up with the native people in orderRead More
Garrett Hedlund has beat out the likes of Jack Huston and Ezra Miller for the lead role of Hook in Joe Wright’s Peter Pan prequel “Pan,” reports Deadline. In this alternative take on the origins of Peter Pan and Neverland, an orphan is brought to the magical land in order to lead the natives in a battle against the evil pirates. Hugh Jackman is negotiating for the role of Blackbeard, the lead villain, while Hedlund will play Hook, who eventually becomes Pan’s greatest foe. Ryan Gosling had previously been mentionedRead More