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The last high profile precursor before the Oscars themselves have announced and the Golden Globe nominations confirm: it’s “12 Years a Slave” vs “American Hustle” in this year’s race. Both films picked up seven nominations each, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and a slew of acting nominations. Lupita Nynog’o and Jennifer Lawrence continue to be the strongest acting nominations representing their respective movies, hitting just about every precursor so far and both showing up in Best Supporting Actress here. The Best Supporting Actor category is also full ofRead More
The Santa Barbara Film Festival have chosen seven recipients for 2014’s Virtuosos Award. Part breakout, part performance, the award is given to “standout performers”, and this year’s recipients are: Daniel Bruhl for his role as driven Formula One driver Niki Lauda in Ron Howard’s “Rush;” Brie Larson as a dedicated but troubled social worker in her first lead role “Short Term 12;” Oscar Isaac as a down on his luck folk music in 1960s New York in the Coens’ “Inside Llewyn Davis;” Adele Exarchopoulos in French language coming of ageRead More
What’s a girl trapped in a sexless marriage with her own cousin to do? Elizabeth Olsen plots murder and faces the consequences in the first trailer released today for “In Secret” (formerly “Therese”). When you’ve got Oscar Isaac seducing you out of your corsets in one corner (have we mentioned this is 18th Century France?) and Tom Felton refusing your advances even on your wedding night, it’s really kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Olsen’s Therese and Isaac’s Laurent give in to temptation, then try to come up with aRead More
Oscar Isaac is joining former Julliard classmate Jessica Chastain in J. C. Chandor’s next film, “A Most Violent Year,” he told a reporter last month, and today THR reports he is taking over the role vacated by Javier Bardem. Whereas we had no info on the plot of the film when Chastain signed on to star opposite Bardem over the summer, now Chandor tells THR that Isaac, in the lead role, will play a Hispanic man who moves to America in the 1980s and becomes extremely successful in business. TheRead More
Music is obviously the centerpiece of the Coen Brothers’ upcoming “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and we’ve got three new clips from the film that showcase Oscar Isaac and company creating and performing some tracks from the film. Isaac plays the titular Llewyn Davis, a down on his luck folk musician in 1960s New York who encounter a Coen-esque cast of characters including John Goodman’s cynical blues man, his driver Garrett Hedlund, Davis’ ex Carey Mulligan and her new husband Justin Timberlake, and Adam Driver’s Al, a musician who looks to beRead More
It’s been almost a year since we first heard about this intriguing project and now William Monahan’s psychological thriller “Mojave” has wrapped and is just about ready to be shared with the world. Empire has unveiled the first photos from the film featuring stars (and “Inside Llewyn Davis” co-stars) Garrett Hedlund and Oscar Isaac. Hedlund, who replaced Jason Clarke, plays Tom, an artist who journeys into the desert on a mission of self-discovery, instead encounters Jack, played by Isaac, a dark and mysterious drifter. Hedlund tells Empire Tom is complicatedRead More
Elizabeth Olsen lays eyes on her soon-to-be secret lover in the first clip released from new film “Therese”, an adaptation of Émile Zola’s novel “Thérèse Raquin”. A thrilling Parisian love affair set in the 1860’s, Olsen is the titular character who has been forced into a marriage with her cousin Camille, played by Tom Felton. She soon begins a scandalous affair with her husbands’ friend Laurent (Oscar Isaac), while the well known Jessica Lange plays Therese’s Aunt. Along with the clip, they have released 2 conniving photos; take a peekRead More
Plenty of new footage abounds in the newest trailer for Cannes hit “Inside Llewyn Davis”, the latest from Joel & Ethan Coen. The 1960s set folk music drama, which our own Rebecca Lewis called “a melancholy yet genuinely funny and enjoyable story”, stars Oscar Isaac as a down on his luck folk musician encountering classically colorful Coen characters on his journey, including Carey Mulligan as a vengeful ex-girlfriend, her new musician husband, as played by Justin Timberlake, blues man John Goodman and his driver, the perpetually on the road GarrettRead More
Of all the franchises Jeremy Renner landed circa 2011 (“The Avengers”, “Mission Impossible”), only one rested heavily on his shoulders alone. He didn’t have Matt Damon to play sidekick to in “The Bourne Legacy,” which followed a new character, Aaron Cross, and the film didn’t exactly excite people to the idea of a “Bourne” franchise without Bourne, but a sequel is happening anyway, now more officially than ever. Deadline reports Universal has hired screenwriter Anthony Peckham to begin scripting the sequel that will continue to follow Cross’s journey. The firstRead More
French actress Louise Bourgoin has signed up to the psychological thriller “Mojave” starring Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund. The pic will follow Hedlund’s “angst-ridden artist who tries to deal with his existential crisis by moving into the desert. There though, he meets Isaac’s homicidal drifter who happens to be his doppelganger. William Monahan will direct the film from his own script, and Deadline have no word on who Bourgoin plays. Bourgoin is a relatively unknown name in Hollywood but is a Cesar-nominated actress who is most known in France forRead More