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The newest Nicholas Sparks adaptation is about to come our way, and this one offers double the love story and double the potential for heartbreak. The first trailer for “The Longest Ride” promises plenty of tearjerker action. Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood play a couple falling in love, who come across a car accident and rescue an old man (Alan Alda). When she begins to read the old man his WWII-era letters, we flash back to his own love story, played in flashbacks by Jack Huston and Oona Chaplin. WhoRead More
Two more rising stars have joined the cast of Nicholas Sparks adaptation “The Choice,” with Alexandra Daddario and Maggie Grace also on board along with the previously cast Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer and Tom Welling. The film, which is set on a small coastal town, follows Travis Parker (Walker) and Gabby Holland (Palmer), neighbors whose love affair is traced over the course of 10 years and plenty of ups and downs. Welling will play Gabby’s boyfriend Ryan, while Grace will play Ryan’s sister. No word yet on who Daddario willRead More
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Actor Tom Welling has landed a lead role in an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novel, “The Choice”. Directed by Ross Katz, the film follows neighbors in a small coastal North Carolina town who end up pursuing a relationship neither expected. Welling is set to portray Kevin McCarthy, a doctor at his father’s practice. His girlfriend Gabby is played by Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker portrays her neighbor turned more Travis Parker. Tom Wilkinson is also among the cast. “The Choice” is the first independent venture for Nicholas Sparks. Best knownRead More
The next pair of young lovers in Nicholas Sparks’ long canon are ready to step forward, and it was announced today that Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer will star in “The Choice,” which will be directed by Ross Katz. Walker and Palmer will play Travis Parker and Gabby Holland, respectively, who first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town — because this is a Nicholas Sparks movie after all. The film will chart the ups and downs in their love affair over the course of ten years. Walker andRead More
Another beautiful and in love young couple is probably about to meet heartbreak in the first trailer released for the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation, “The Best of Me.” Liana Liberato and Luke Bracey fall in love as teenagers, but are of course separated, though their story picks up again 20 years later as Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden meet again as adults. There’s actually no tragedy foretold in this first teaser trailer, just lots of frolicking and declarations of love and sexytimes between both couples, young and old, but comeRead More
Looks like the quartet of lovers at the center of the newest Nicholas Sparks adaptation has been rounded out. Deadline reports Jack Huston has now joined the cast of “The Longest Ride” and will star alongside Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson and Oona Chaplin. The parallel and interweaving romantic tales follows two romances, one between a bull rider (Eastwood) and a college student (Robertson), and the other, at the end of WWII, between a newly married couple (Huston and Chaplin). The man, Ira, is 90 in present day, and lies trappedRead More
The romantic quartet is almost complete. Deadline reports Britt Robertson has snagged the other female lead role in Nicholas Sparks adaptation “The Longest Ride,” joining Scott Eastwood and the just cast Oona Chaplin. The parallel/interweaving romantic tales follow a cowboy (Eastwood) who falls for a college student (Robertson) on one end, with a 91 year old man who lies trapped after a car accident and reflects back on his life with his wife on the other. Chaplin plays his wife in flashbacks set after the end of WWII. George TillmanRead More
One of the female leads in the newest Nicholas Sparks adaptation “The Longest Ride” has been filled, but she won’t be romancing Scott Eastwood, who landed the male lead role last week. Instead, “Game of Thrones” alum Oona Chaplin will play a role in a different timeline, according to The Wrap. The latest tearjerker from the prolific author follows two interweaving stories. As a 91 year old man lies trapped after an auto accident, he reflects on his long life and romance with his wife, while nearby, a young cowboyRead More
Scott Eastwood has landed a leading role in the upcoming adaptation of Nicholas Sparks‘ novel “The Longest Ride.” The romantic drama follows an elderly widower who is trapped in a car crash and begins reflecting on his life while in a nearby town a young couple falls for each other. Eastwood is set to play Luke Collins, one half of the story’s youthful romance, a cowboy who comes to love college senior Sophia. Fox 2000 acquired the rights for the film after a bidding war, no doubt eager to imitateRead More
He’s conquered Broadway and Netflix, and now Sebastian Arcelus is setting his sights on the big screen. According to Deadline, the “House of Cards” alum has landed a role in upcoming Nicholas Sparks adaptation “The Best of Me,” starring Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden in the lead roles. Michael Hoffman is directing the romantic drama based on Sparks’ novel of the same name, which follows two former high school sweethearts who are brought back together years later when they return to their hometown to mourn the passing of a friend.Read More