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'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island' Premiere

Posted On December 9, 2014By Alamin YohannesIn Television, TV Casting

TV: Austin Butler To Star on MTV’s ‘Shannara’

Looks like Sebastian Kydd is going places. “The Carrie Diaries” alum Austin Butler is moving on from The CW and has nabbed a starring role on MTV’s highly anticipated “Shannara.” The series, based on Terry Brooks’ fantasy series, centers on a family, the Shannaras, who live long after the end of civilization. Their desecendants have strong and ancient magic, which they have used in their adventures that have reshape the world’s on numerous occasions. Poppy Drayton and Aaron Jakubenko were previously been cast. The protagonist is Wil Ohmsford, played by Butler, who isRead More
The first trailer for the second season of MTV’s “Faking It” has be released, promising more drama, more weirdness and more complications. In the trailer we see one major theme: secrets. The show started with the lie two best friends used to get popular, but their lives have gotten only more complicated. The show ended its first season with Amy (Rita Volk) telling Karma (Katie Stevens) she was in love with her. When Karma told her friend she did not feel the same way Amy went and made a huge mistake: Sleeping with Karma’sRead More
Teen Wolf 411

Posted On September 6, 2014By Amelia GomezIn Television, TV Recaps

TV RECAP: Yeah, It Gets Worse on ‘Teen Wolf’

This week on “Teen Wolf” we open on Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) opening a can of whoop-a** on a predatory Windigo before dragging him back to Eichen House, which is noted for housing Beacon Hills’ mentally unstable as well as rogue supernatural beings. After convincing Dr. Conrad Fenris (John Posey) Deaton then gets the chance to talk to one of Eichen House’s supernaturally affected patients, Dr. Valack (Steven Brand) who is believed to have lots of valuable information in that brain of his. Of course he ended up drilling aRead More
Teen Wolf 409
This week on “Teen Wolf” we open on not our usual teenage heartthrob, but rather on Deputy McDreamy, Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley), who seems to have passed out in his squad car after a long night of almost catching bad guys. He wakes up to find his hands have been zip tied to the steering wheel while his patrol partner, Haigh (Lou Ferrigno Jr), douses the outside of the car in gasoline. Parrish tries to reason with Haigh, asking for mercy but Haigh is relentless, saying that Parrish’s hit listRead More
Teen Wolf 408
This week on “Teen Wolf” we open on Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) tossing and turning in his bed. He seems to be having trouble falling asleep, which is probably a relatively normal occurrence for teens living under the constant threat of supernatural beings slicing their heads off. He turns over with a huff before finding Malia (Shelley Hennig) at his side. As she wraps him in her arms, he’s finally able to relax. But he soon realizes that it was only a dream and that Malia is still very much upsetRead More
Teen Wolf 407

Posted On August 6, 2014By Amelia GomezIn Television, TV Recaps

TV RECAP: Sick as a Dog on ‘Teen Wolf’

This week on “Teen Wolf” we open up on a science lab somewhere in Beacon Hills where one of BHHS teachers, Mr. Whatever ( James Urbania ), is sipping on some nighttime tea while simultaneously monitoring what looks to be a severely sick werewolf. Mr. Mad Scientist is also enjoying some easy listening as he presses play on his ancient cassette player and we hear a voice instruct him on how to go about collecting his bounty after properly crossing a supernatural’s name off the hit list. Back in Scott’sRead More
Teen Wolf 406
This week on “Teen Wolf” we open on a recent flashback; about a month prior to all current events. It’s a rainy night and recently turned were jaguar Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) is curled up in the back her Camaro with her obnoxiously large gun in hand, trying to get a little shuteye. Her eyes, however, flash open at the sound of static coming from the radio. Using the barrel of her gun, she presses “eject” and a cassette pops out. I don’t know which is more suspicious, the mysteriousRead More
Teen Wolf 405 (4)
On this week’s “Teen Wolf” we open on a young girl, whom we later come to know by the name of Carrie Hudson (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) running through the Beacon Hills High School campus after dark; her extracurricular after school club must’ve just gotten out, I wonder what she’s in? She continues to sprint full speed ahead and supernaturally leaps over the parking lot guardrail and toward the school buses. Maybe she’s on the school’s amateur parkour team? She leans against the vehicle to catch her breath and would you lookRead More
Teen Wolf 403 (5)
This week’s installment of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” starts off on a particularly windy night in Beacon Hills. An unknowing teen, who we later find out is Sean Wolcott (Glenn McCuen), steps out of his home to look for his cat. While calling out to her, the lights in his home shut off ominously and on returning inside Sean finds his family to have become unresponsive. Like all horror movie set ups, this is a recipe for disaster. And like all horror movie actions, Sean shrugs it off. Idiot move. HeRead More
Teen Wolf 402 (1)
Our favorite gang of overly attractive supernatural teens is back on this week’s episode of “Teen Wolf.” Last episode we found the pack in Mexico on a hunt for their beloved Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin). They found him buried in the ruins of an Aztec temple, after having been aged backwards and robbed of the last decade of his memories. In this episode we open on a flashback: it’s the night of the Beacon Hills High basketball final game, which also happens to land on the night of the fullRead More