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Here’s a movie that continues to surprise and surpass expectations. We didn’t know what to make of “Deep Powder” when we first heard about it over a year ago, but our interest was properly piqued when we finally learned what exactly the Tribeca Film Festival premiere was about, and a now a trailer has raised our expectations even further. Shiloh Fernandez and Haley Bennett star in the film about a couple of young kids from opposite sides of the tracks who fall in love. She’s a privileged member of aRead More
More from Tribeca, coming right up! Somehow this one slipped through the cracks, but it appears indie drama “Deep Powder”, which we first heard about a year ago and then gradually lost track of, is also headed to the Tribeca Film Festival to have its world premiere next month. In addition to the first images from the film featuring Shiloh Fernandez and Haley Bennett, we also finally know exactly what this movie is about. The Mo Ogrodnik film is based on real life events that happened in the 1980s, andRead More
Looks like Hollywood is sitting up and paying attention to Terrence Malick’s newest discovery. After being chosen to star opposite Christian Bale in “Lawless”, Haley Bennett is suddenly a hot commodity in town and has just booked two lead roles. Deadline reports Bennett has taken the lead role in “Deep Powder” and the title role in “Ella Walks the Beach.” We don’t know much about “Deep Powder”, except that it also stars Shiloh Fernandez and was written and will be directed by Mo Ogrodnik later this month in New York.Read More
The almost Edward Cullen didn’t exactly hit Twilight heartthrob status with “Red Riding Hood”, but it appears Shiloh Fernandez is finding more success in darker projects. Variety reports Fernandez has booked two new roles, first taking the highly coveted male lead in Sam Raimi’s own “Evil Dead” remake/reboot, and in indie “Deep Powder.” Raimi wrote the script for the new take on his original “Evil Dead”, and this time five friends – David, Natalie, Eric, Olivia, and Mia – vacation in a remote cabin in the woods and discover aRead More