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The upcoming film with the coolest group of people working on it just got a little bit cooler. The Wrap reports Adam Driver is now joining Jeff Nichols’ next feature, “Midnight Special,” which already stars Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton and Kirsten Dunst. The film, described as a modern day chase thriller, follows a dad and his 8 year old son who go on the run after they discover the son is developing special powers. Nichols also previously described the story as a tribute to 1980s John Carpenter, “Starman” in particular.Read More
Ramin Bahrani, you had me at Andrew Garfield, and now you throw Michael Shannon into the mix too? This pretty much guarantees I will be watching “99 Homes,” as THR reports the cast just got doubly impressive. Garfield is attached to the role of a man who loses his house to foreclosure in this dire economic climate. Eventually he finds a job with the manipulative broker (Shannon) who took his home, foreclosing on other families and eventually helping his new employer embezzle money from the government. As his financial woesRead More
This has probably been a long time coming. Joel Edgerton, as busy and ambitious behind the scenes as he is on screen, has set indie drama “Weirdo” as his directorial debut, according to Screen Daily. He also wrote the script and will star in the film, but he’s not Ben Affleck-ing this thing – it will only be in a supporting role. “It’s about a guy who is forced to face the past when it comes back in the form of an old school friend,” Edgerton told Screen Daily inRead More
Upgrade! Johnny Depp is out and Joel Edgerton is in for Depp’s long-gestating adaptation of “Shantaram,” according to Deadline. Depp will stay on as a producer and personally courted the rising Aussie star to take his place in front of the camera. Edgerton will play a guy clearly competing against Louis Zamperini in Angelina Jolie’ “Unbroken” for Biggest Overachiever. An Australian heroin addict who escapes from a maximum security prison, “Shantaram”‘s Lin was once thought to be a thinly veiled fictional avatar for the novel’s author, Gregory David Roberts. AfterRead More
Darren Aronofsky’s got some competition in the biblical epic department. While “Noah”, starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Douglas Booth is in post-production, Ridley Scott is prepping his own big budget blockbuster set in ancient times, with Joel Edgerton now joining Christian Bale in the film titled “Exodus”, according to THR. Bale will play Moses in “Exodus” – after circling Russell’s role in “Noah”, ironically – in the film based on one of the Bible’s most iconic figures, he who parted the Red Sea and all that magical stuff. EdgertonRead More
Kirsten Dunst has landed the female lead role in Jeff Nichols’ next feature, “Midnight Special”, and will star opposite Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton, according to Deadline. Formerly only described vaguely as a modern day sci-fi chase film, Deadline also fills in some plot details, revealing that the film follows a dad and his 8 year old son who go on the run after they discover the son is developing special powers. Nichols also previously described the story as a tribute to 1980s John Carpenter, “Starman” in particular. Filming isRead More
This just gets better and better. Jeff Nichols is collaborating for the third time with Michael Shannon on his next project, a sci fi film which had been working under the title “Midnight Special”, and now he’s also recruited Joel Edgerton to star opposite Shannon. Variety reported the news. The film marks Nichols’ first studio film and Warner Bros is already high on Edgerton following a scene-stealing turn in Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”, not to mention Shannon’s Zod in “Man of Steel.” The two high profile stars guarantee thatRead More
Actor-director duo Michael Shannon and Jeff Nichols have already worked together twice on two fascinating, critically acclaimed independent films, and now they are set to reunite once again on Nichols’ first studio picture. Variety reports Warner Bros is backing Nichols’ third feature, “Midnight Special”, and Shannon will star in what is described as a “present day sci-fi chase film.” Nichols also wrote the script. Shannon is also Warner Bros’ radar and may have had a hand in bringing his two collaborators together, having starred in their upcoming summer tentpole “ManRead More