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Lifetime has made the third movie in their “Flowers in the Attic” series official. “If There Be Thorns” has been greenlit to air in 2015, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This third installment follows Christopher and Cathy Dollanganger in their married life, with Rachael Carpani and Jason Lewis taking over the roles of Cathy and Christopher, respectively. Mason Cook will play Bart, one of Cathy’s sons. Now based in California, they play at being a happy family, until their sons begin discovering the truth. While Heather Graham and Ellen BurstynRead More
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Posted On August 6, 2014By Amelia GomezIn Television, TV Recaps

TV RECAP: Sick as a Dog on ‘Teen Wolf’

This week on “Teen Wolf” we open up on a science lab somewhere in Beacon Hills where one of BHHS teachers, Mr. Whatever ( James Urbania ), is sipping on some nighttime tea while simultaneously monitoring what looks to be a severely sick werewolf. Mr. Mad Scientist is also enjoying some easy listening as he presses play on his ancient cassette player and we hear a voice instruct him on how to go about collecting his bounty after properly crossing a supernatural’s name off the hit list. Back in Scott’sRead More
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This week on “Teen Wolf” we open on a recent flashback; about a month prior to all current events. It’s a rainy night and recently turned were jaguar Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) is curled up in the back her Camaro with her obnoxiously large gun in hand, trying to get a little shuteye. Her eyes, however, flash open at the sound of static coming from the radio. Using the barrel of her gun, she presses “eject” and a cassette pops out. I don’t know which is more suspicious, the mysteriousRead More
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On this week’s “Teen Wolf” we open on a young girl, whom we later come to know by the name of Carrie Hudson (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) running through the Beacon Hills High School campus after dark; her extracurricular after school club must’ve just gotten out, I wonder what she’s in? She continues to sprint full speed ahead and supernaturally leaps over the parking lot guardrail and toward the school buses. Maybe she’s on the school’s amateur parkour team? She leans against the vehicle to catch her breath and would you lookRead More
The Dollanganger children are all grown up but still as messed up as ever in the first trailer released today for “Flowers in the Attic” sequel “Petals on the Wind,” which will air next month on Lifetime. Rose McIver, the in-demand TV actress of the moment, has taken over the role of Cathy from “Mad Men” star Kiernan Shipka, who played the headstrong leader of the Dollanganger kids in the first hit film. Cathy’s achieved her dream of becoming a ballerina but what she really wants is revenge on herRead More
Well, the resemblance is pretty uncanny, no? E! Online reports actor Wyatt Nash has landed the role of the older Christopher Dollanganger in Lifetime’s “Flowers in the Attic” sequel “Petals on the Wind,” taking over for Mason Dye, who played the teenage Chris in the first hit film. “Petals on the Wind” follows Rose McIver’s Cathy (taking over for Kiernan Shipka) and her surviving Dollanganger siblings as young adults as they try to shake the abuse they suffered at the hands of their mother (Heather Graham) and grandmother (Ellen Burstyn)Read More
Fans of VC Andrews’ controversial bestselling YA novel who were disappointed with the 1987 adaptation of “Flowers in the Attic” should find plenty more to like in Lifetime’s new version. Starring Heather Graham and featuring young “Mad Men” star Kiernan Shipka in a riveting turn, the 2014 film skews much closer to the original novel, with all the, ahem, more controversial elements kept in. Gorgeously shot and surprisingly cinematic for taking place mostly in one cramped room, the new “Flowers in the Attic” is the best kind of batshit crazyRead More
Move over “50 Shades of Grey,” because everyone’s real favorite naughty novel, “Flowers in the Attic,” is coming back in a new TV movie on Lifetime, and we have your first look at stars Kiernan Shipka and Mason Dye getting cozy, along with the first trailer. Well, not too cozy seeing as their younger brother and sister are sleeping between them. Yes, Shipka and Dye are playing siblings as well as lovers. Read on. V.C. Andrews’ infamous novel was first published in 1979 to much controversy, even being banned inRead More