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If you learned about how to survive a horde of zombies from “The Walking Dead”, you might be in trouble if you found yourself in the world of Marc Forster’s “World War Z.” Brad Pitt makes for an unexpected action hero in the first trailer for the film based on the novel of the same name, in which zombies are less slow amblers and more super fast, furious predators. Oh yeah, and there’s so many of them they literally pile up on top of each other in their quest toRead More
It’s one breakthrough after another for Mireille Enos. After years on television and finally a breakout role starring in AMC’s hit new series “The Killing”, the 36 year old has nabbed one hell of a feature film debut. THR reports Enos will be playing Karin Lane, the wife of Brad Pitt’s character Gerard Lane in the Marc Forster-directed zombie apocalyptic thriller “World War Z”. There had been some speculation that the film, based on the Max Brooks novel of the same name, might not get made, due mostly to itsRead More