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'Magic in the Moonlight'
Emma Stone is about to have a big year, and it all kicks off in August with Woody Allen’s newest romantic comedy, “Magic in the Moonlight.” Now we have several new images of Stone’s first (but not last) appearance in an Allen film, where she does a little magic and romances Colin Firth. Set in the 1920s in the South of France, Firth plays an English actor who is also something of a bullshit detector, brought to France to help debunk a mystic (Stone) who has been sweeping rich clientsRead More
Woody Allen is hoping for a little “Magic in the Moonlight” for his latest film, set in the South of France in the 1920s, starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone, so things are pretty magical already, and this first trailer adds to the intrigue as well. Firth plays a character who appears to be a pretty terrible actor, moonlighting as a debunker of fake psychics, but he may have met his match in Stone, who is communicating with the dead and telling people their futures all over the South ofRead More
It looks like Woody Allen has found his new muse, and now his “Magic in the Moonlight” star Emma Stone is joining his next film, already set to star Joaquin Phoenix, according to Variety. The film has no title or plot details yet, but is expected to come together quickly, with filming tentatively scheduled to begin in July. Stone first worked with Allen last summer on “Magic in the Moonlight,” which is a romantic comedy set in the South of France in the 1920s. Colin Firth plays an Englishman taskedRead More
Things have been pretty quiet on the “Magic in the Moonlight” front, though Woody Allen’s newest is slated for a summer release, but at last, we have a new still image from the film featuring Colin Firth and Emma Stone, and some plot details have finally been revealed as well. In another creepy-age-difference pairing, Firth and Stone play the would be romantic couple at the center of the 1920s French Riviera set comedy. Firth plays an Englishman who’s brought to the region to expose who he believes is a phonyRead More
We’ve said goodbye to another year and counted down our favorite movies of 2013, now it’s time to look forward to the year in front of us. 2014 proves to be another big year filled with big blockbusters, anticipated returns for beloved directors, new voices and faces to keep an eye on and probably more than a few surprises along the way. To get you started, here is a list of 30 films, in chronological order, to look forward to. Ommitted from this list are films that haven’t begun filmingRead More
Woody Allen has revealed the title of his newest film starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth, and it’s “Magic in the Moonlight.” Along with the title release, we also have the first official images from the film featuring Stone, Firth and Marcia Gay Harden. Very little else is known about the plot, except that it takes place in the South of France, where they filmed over the summer. Jacki Weaver, Eileen Atkins, Hamish Linklater and Simon McBurney co-star in the film, which is reportedly set in the 1920s, and we’reRead More