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There is a bigger message to “Lola Versus”, the follow-up to “Breaking Upwards” from writer/director team Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones, but the filmmakers cleverly use conventional romantic comedy tropes to jumpstart the conversation. Greta Gerwig is warm, winning and genuine as Lola, a 29 year old New Yorker perfectly satisfied with how conventional and right on track her verge-of-30 life is going, who then appears to wake up from a great dream into reality when her fiance (Joel Kinnaman, in a fully realized performance that could have easily beenRead More
The indie scene’s newest It Girl takes a stab at headlining the closest thing the indie crowd can get to a mainstream romantic comedy in the first trailer for “Lola Versus.” Directed by Daryl Wein and starring Greta Gerwig in the titular role, Lola is a suddenly adrift almost-30-year-old dumped by her fiance weeks before the wedding. Lola attempts to get her life back on track through therapy, power eating junk food and a series of sexual misadventures with new guys, all the while still occasionally being confronted with herRead More
A bit of iffy Photoshop and heavy-handed metaphors accompany Greta Gerwig on the first poster for indie romantic comedy “Lola Versus”, unveiled today by Vulture. Gerwig stars as the titular Lola, who is dumped by her fiance three weeks before the wedding and embarks on a journey to try to come to terms with turning 30 as a single woman who perhaps hasn’t accomplished everything she thought she would. “The Killing” star Joel Kinnaman co-stars as the aforementioned runaway groom, but he’s only represented here, perhaps deservedly so, as justRead More
An exclusive report from Variety announces that Greta Gerwig (“Arthur”) is set to star in Fox’s romcom “Lola Versus“. Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom is close to sealing a deal to star alongside Gerwig. “Lola Versus” tells the story of a young woman (Gerwig) who is dumped by her college sweetheart a mere few weeks before they are set to wed. The break-up results in a journey of self discovery for Gerwig’s character as she struggles to find her place as an independent woman before she turns 30. All in all, itRead More