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There have been plenty of film adaptations of Gustave Flaubert’s classic novel “Madame Bovary,” but it is perhaps Sophie Barthes’ version that assigns the most sizable emphasis on the titular character. Based on the 1856 novel of the same name, “Madame Bovary” tells the tale of the disillusioned Emma Bovary (played by Mia Wasikowska) who attempts to elevate her social status by engaging in lavish spending and amorous secret affairs. As expected, this excessive lifestyle catches up with her forcing her to face the consequences, and face them, she does,Read More
The newest adaptation of Flaubert classic “Madame Bovary” starring Mia Wasikowska began filming today in Normandy, France, and has rounded out its cast with up and comers Logan Marshall-Green and “Downton Abbey” star Laura Carmichael. Rose Barreneche scripted the new adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s first novel and masterpiece, and Wasikowska, who was cast back in March of 2012, will play the titular character of Emma Bovary, a doctor’s wife who lives beyond her means and takes on many adulterous affairs in order to combat the ennui of her life. HenryRead More
They said “On The Road” was unfilmable but Walter Salles succeeded, and at next weeks’ Cannes Film Festival we’ll discover if James Franco has been successful with another ‘unadaptable’ novel, William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying“. For now, today’s newly released trailer, via Yahoo, suggests that Franco will definitely be offering us a taste of the Southern Gothic for which Faulker was famous for – and has upped my anticipation for an adaptation of a book I couldn’t finish. Franco has directed, produced, scripted, and cast himself, in this AmericanRead More
Alice Eve and Logan Marshall-Green are set to join “Argo” star Bryan Cranston in “Eye of Winter“, a new indie feature to be directed by Tze Chun. Variety reports that Eve will star as “a struggling motel owner who, along with her daughter, is taken hostage by a nearly blind career criminal (Cranston) to be his eyes as he attempts to retrieve his cash package from a crooked cop (Marshall-Green).” Eve’s name has slowly been rising in Hollywood. Last year she was a contender to join Henry Cavill’s “Man ofRead More
Logan Marshall-Green is the latest to join the ranks of actors portraying real life icons, according to Deadline. The “Prometheus” star has been set to play famed playwright Tennessee Williams in “Lonely Hunter”, a new biopic of Williams’ pal and fellow writer Carson McCullers, who will be played by Jena Malone. Deborah Kampmeier will direct from a script she co-wrote with Sarah Shulman later this year. Malone will play McCullers as she wrote her first novel, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”, at aged 23, but suffered from various physicalRead More
This is one of those movies that looks cooler and more epic with every new bit of footage revealed, and the new full length trailer for Ridley Scott’s maybe-maybe-not “Alien” prequel “Prometheus” is no exception. Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green play scientists/astronauts who lead a team on the Prometheus into space for further investigation of the origins of mankind, but what they find is not what they expect. “Big things have small beginnings”, Michael Fassbender prophesizes, but there is nothing small here. One mysterious, awe-inspiring sight follows the other, eachRead More
Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on either. Not being a huge fan of the original “Alien” probably isn’t helping much here. Some new photos have emerged from Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated, maybe-maybe-not “Alien” prequel “Prometheus” (EW via The Playlist) and the curtain pulls back a bit to reveal… even more mysteries. Noomi Rapace is front and center as space traveler Elizabeth Shaw, with Logan Marshall-Green flanking her on one side and a very human looking Michael Fassbender android on the other. The three have discovered what appears toRead More
“We Need to Take About Kevin” star Ezra Miller has taken himself out of the running to play Tetsuo in “Akira”, as he told Moviefone. But Warner Bros’ risky, big budget remake isn’t hurting for talent. Alden Ehrenreich, last reported to be testing a couple of weeks ago, is still in the running, and he’s got even more stiff competition. THR reports that over Sunday and Monday, Ehrenreich, DJ Cotrona, Paul Dano, Toby Kebbell, Richard Madden, Logan Marshall-Green, Rami Malek and Michael Pitt will all be reading for the roleRead More
It’s been one busy weekend for shortlist news, and now comes word even more up and comers are contending for the lead in Roland Emmerich’s next sci-fi epic, titled “Singularity.” Once again, THR has the list of actors reading for the director next week, and this batch includes Luke Grimes, Logan Marshall-Green, Julian Morris and Thomas McDonnell. “Singularity” follows a young man named Adam, whose body is made up of “nanobots”, making him extremely powerful. Also said to be in the running but not reading next week are “Prince Caspian”Read More
Logan Marshall-Green has been on our radar since he made his first appearance as Ryan’s troubled older brother Trey on “The O.C.” in 2005, and it’s great to see him finally have a bit of a breakout on the big screen, after years on TV shows that never quite made it. Deadline reports the actor has landed one of the lead roles in Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated maybe-maybe-not “Alien” prequel “Prometheus”, as the love interest to lead character Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace. Marshall-Green beat out a plethora ofRead More