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After a freshman season of discovering their powers, learning to work together and choosing sides between good and evil, The CW’s “The Tomorrow People” are facing a cataclysmic event in their first season finale (which may even be a series finale since it hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet). Let’s hope there are no major cliffhangers left over at the end of this. The finale of “The Tomorrow People,” titled “Son of Man,” will air on Monday, May 5th at 9pm. Russell (Aaron Yoo) realizes his alliance withRead More
As “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence gains further worldwide attention, the others Tributes who she fought in the first film are beginning to battle for new films themselves. Deadline reports that Leven Rambin, who was one of the four Career Tributes in the Hunger Games, has picked up two new indie pics. Director and writer Jay Martin‘s “Seven Minutes” follows a young athlete, played by Luke Mitchell, who sustains an injury and turns to crime. The young actress will also join first time director Anna Mastro‘s film “Walter“, aboutRead More
Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson and friends are back for more YA action disguised as ancient Greek mythology in the first trailer for “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”, the sequel to the 2010 somewhat successful adaptation “Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.” Thor Freudenthal directed the sequel, which sees the trio, along with newcomer Leven Rambin as Clarisse, the daughter of Ares, travel into the Sea of Monsters (known to humans as the Bermuda Triangle) in search of Zeus’ golden fleece. The YA adaptation landscape has changed aRead More
She conquered “The Hunger Games” and now Leven Rambin is ready to take on another successful teen franchise as Variety reports the rising actress has joined Logan Lerman in “Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters”, the sequel to the 2010 modestly successful adaptation. Lerman will reprise his lead role as Jackson, an ordinary teenager who discovers he’s the son of Poseidon, and also returning from the original film are Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth, daughter of Athena, Brandon T. Jackson as Grover, a satyr, and Jake Abel asRead More
Newcomer Jonny Westin embodies that carefree California cool in our first look at him on the set of “Of Men and Mavericks”, the biopic of legendary surfer Jay Moriarty, in which he plays the lead. The film, directed by Curtis Hanson – then finished off by Michael Apted when Hanson had health issues – chronicles Moriarty’s quest to ride the infamous waves at Mavericks, a Northern California surf spot that produces up to 80 foot waves in winter. He made the cover of Surfer magazine at the age of 16Read More
Psycho Oliver’s at it again. That crazy kid from the first season of “The O.C.” who took Marissa hostage at gunpoint will still be messing with people’s lives, according to Variety. Taylor Handley has signed on to play the villain role in Curtis Hanson’s surfing drama “Of Men and Mavericks” (formerly just “Mavericks”), a biopic of surfing legend Jay Moriarty. Newcomer Jonny Weston has the lead role of Moriarity, a Northern California surfer who became renowned for surfing the treacherous waves at Mavericks, a surf spot near Santa Cruz. HeRead More
“The Hunger Games” Tribute Leven Rambin will be going for a different sort of sport as Variety reports the actress has landed the female lead in surfing darma “Mavericks” opposite Gerard Butler and newcomer Jonny Weston, who has the male lead. Curtis Hanson directs the biopic of late surfing legend Jay Moriarty, chronicling his quest to ride the infamous waves at Mavericks, a Northern California surf spot that produces up to 80 foot waves in winter. He made the cover of Surfer magazine at the age of 16 for successfullyRead More
After weeks of stringing us along with daily announcements of unknown actors cast in the roles of mostly nameless characters, the list of the 24 Tributes of Lionsgate’s “The Hunger Games” has been completed. The final pair to join the group are Alexander Ludwig and Isabelle Furhman who will be portraying Cato and Clove, the deadly duo from District 2 who are among Katniss’ greatest enemies while in the arena. Ludwig and Furhman will join Jennifer Lawrence who plays protagonist Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as her partner/love interest PeetaRead More
[UPDATE]: Director Gary Ross has released his thoughts on the new casting: “It’s so exciting to find an amazing young actress like the one we just met .Prim is an emotionally demanding role and in many ways she is the cornerstone of the story. Willow Shields will make an amazing Prim and we’re very lucky to have her.” Jennifer Lawrence has a little sister! Lionsgate announced today that newcomer Willow Shields has been cast in the pivotal role of Primrose (Prim) Everdeen, Katniss’s 12 year old sister, in “The HungerRead More
“The Hunger Games” news is coming fast now as May 23 draws nearer, and today, Deadline reports that up and coming actress Leven Rambin has been set for the role of Glimmer, the District 1 Tribute who comes face to face with Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss in the arena. Joining Rambin from District 1 as Marvel is Jack Quaid, announced via the official THG Facebook. Facing off against them are Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark, Katniss’s fellow District 12 Tribute and love interest, and newcomers Dayo Okeniyi and Amandla StenbergRead More