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Music is obviously the centerpiece of the Coen Brothers’ upcoming “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and we’ve got three new clips from the film that showcase Oscar Isaac and company creating and performing some tracks from the film. Isaac plays the titular Llewyn Davis, a down on his luck folk musician in 1960s New York who encounter a Coen-esque cast of characters including John Goodman’s cynical blues man, his driver Garrett Hedlund, Davis’ ex Carey Mulligan and her new husband Justin Timberlake, and Adam Driver’s Al, a musician who looks to beRead More
Plenty of new footage abounds in the newest trailer for Cannes hit “Inside Llewyn Davis”, the latest from Joel & Ethan Coen. The 1960s set folk music drama, which our own Rebecca Lewis called “a melancholy yet genuinely funny and enjoyable story”, stars Oscar Isaac as a down on his luck folk musician encountering classically colorful Coen characters on his journey, including Carey Mulligan as a vengeful ex-girlfriend, her new musician husband, as played by Justin Timberlake, blues man John Goodman and his driver, the perpetually on the road GarrettRead More
The titular character in the Coen brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis” appears in nearly every scene of the film and the directors told us at this year’s Cannes Film Festival that they knew that whoever took on the challenge of Llewyn had to be, most importantly, an incredible musician that you wanted to spend time watching. “We were screwed until we met Oscar [Isaac]!” joked Ethan Coen. This is Oscar Isaac‘s break out role, taking on a character who is flawed and unsure of life and himself and infusing him withRead More
“Inside Llewyn Davis” was perhaps our most anticipated film of this year’s Cannes Film Festival and the Coen Brothers latest film did not disappoint, weaving a melancholy yet genuinely funny and enjoyable story of a down on his luck folk singer. It’s essentially a thin plot but it doesn’t matter, as the Coens and cinematographer Bruno Delbonnol have constructed a beautifully woven tale about the failures and successes life throws at us – and the directors cleverly sidestep answering any of those questions. This is a return to lighter fareRead More
This trailer has been a long time coming and let’s just say right off the bat, it’s already exceeding even our highest expectations. “Inside Llewyn Davis”, the newest from the Coen Brothers is a drama set in the 1960s about a bunch of folk musicians, led by Oscar Isaac in his first major leading role and supported by the likes of John Goodman, Carey Mulligan, Junstin Timberlake and Garrett Hedlund. The entire cast does their own singing in the movie, but we don’t get to hear any of that here.Read More
As if we weren’t excited enough about the new Coen Brothers movie, they’ve added a cat. “Inside Llewyn Davis”, set in the 1960s New York City folk scene, has already started filming and Zimbio has our first look at Oscar Isaac on set and in character as Llewyn Davis himself. As the titular struggling guitarist and singer, loosely based on real 1960s Greenwich Village based musician Dave Van Ronk, nicknamed “Mayor of MacDougal Street”, Isaac looks perfectly hobo chic with scraggly beard, drab clothing, beat up guitar case and anRead More
“Akira” getting pushed back may be a blessing in disguise for Garrett Hedlund (some would say flat out blessing, but we digress). Variety reports the star now has an open slot in his schedule and has promptly filled it with something awesome: Hedlund is jumping on board the Coen Brothers’ next directorial vehicle, the 1960s set folk music drama “Inside Llewyn Davis”, which already stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. Isaac plays Davis, a fictional character loosely based on 1960s Greenwich Village based musician Dave VanRead More
Thus far former boybander Justin Timberlake has steered clear of mixing his musical and acting talents, but could that all change now? Variety reports Timberlake has been offered a lead role in the Coen Brothers’ 1960s folk music drama “Inside Llewyn Davis”, and not for nothing, Oscar Isaac landed the titular role in the film because of the tremendous musical talents he demonstrated during auditions, and co-star Carey Mulligan has proven musical ability as well. Isaac plays Davis, a fictional character loosely based on 1960s Greenwich Village based musician DaveRead More
Carey Mulligan received an Oscar nomination in 2010 for her role as an idealistic schoolgirl in 2009′s “An Eduction” and has leveraged that newfound status in Hollywood to pile up an increasingly impressive body of work. Not slowing down for a bit, she has signed on to two more high profile gigs, Variety reports. Joining the recently cast Oscar Isaac, she has snagged the female lead in the Coen Brothers’ 1960s folk music drama “Inside Llewyn Davis”, and has entered negotiations for a lead role in Spike Jonze’s still untitledRead More
Oscar Isaac is on his way to becoming a major player in Hollywood. Variety reports the up and coming actor has landed the highly coveted lead and titular role in the Coen Brothers‘ 60s set folk music drama “Inside Llewyn Davis.” The Coens are directing with Scott Rudin producing outside of the studio system. Studio Canal will co-finance and handle France and other international territories but no US distributor has been set. Isaac plays Davis, a fictional character loosely based on 1960s Greenwich Village based musician Dave Van Ronk, nicknamedRead More