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Michael Fassbender is “The Counselor” in Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated upcoming film, and today a new clip and character poster have been unveiled. These are again from the UK distributors, so they’ve put the double L in “Counsellor”, which still looks odd to me. Fassbender the role of the (relatively speaking) good guy who tries to dip his toes into the drug trade to make a little extra money without getting in too deep but of course does anyway. Cormac McCarthy wrote the screenplay, skipping the writing a novel partRead More
“Have you been bad?” croons Penelope Cruz in the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s drug trade thriller “The Counselor,” and judging by the footage, a lot of people have been bad in this story. Hey, it was written by Cormac McCarthy, after all. Michael Fassbender kicks off the catastrophic events as a lawyer who decides to dip his toes into the drug trade in order to buy a huge engagement rock for his fiancee (Cruz). Of course, bad guys like Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem aren’t so keen on lettingRead More
Michael Fassbender is given some ominous words of caution from Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem and something a little sexier from Penelop Cruz in the first three clips released from Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated thriller “The Counselor.” The clips debuted ahead of the release of the second trailer from the movie, which will drop tomorrow. Fassbender probably should have heeded the warnings from Pitt and Bardem, but then we wouldn’t have a movie, would we? Cormac McCarthy wrote the screenplay himself about a lawyer (Fassbender) who tries to dip hisRead More
She’s worked basically nonstop since bursting onto the scene in 2011 and it looks like Jessica Chastain has no plans to slow down any time soon. She’s signed on to another high profile film, joining Javier Bardem in JC Chandor’s “A Most Violent Year”, according to Variety. Chandor became a hot director of the moment after last year’s surprise VOD hit “Margin Call” and even more so premiering maritime disaster flick “All is Lost” starring Robert Redford at Cannes this year. He also wrote “A Most Violent Year”, and loglinesRead More
We’ve had our eye on this one ever since it was announced, and for good reason. Cormac McCarthy wrote the script, Ridley Scott directed it, Michael Fassbender starred in it, need we say more? Now, the first teaser trailer for “The Counselor” has finally arrived, and it looks just as crazy and awesome as expected. Fassbender, normally adept at play bad-asses himself, is the good guy in over his head here, as a lawyer who tries to dip his toes into the Mexican drug trade without getting in too deep.Read More
Lovers silhouetted against windswept fields, sweeping camera movements, dreamy sequences that don’t fully make sense, soaring classical music. Yup, it’s a new Terrence Malick film alright, and this time, it’s Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams frolicking about as Javier Bardem waxes poetic in voiceover about love. “To the Wonder” received mixed reviews when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and even Kurylenko and McAdams have been caught stumbling when trying to describe the film, which loosely follows Affleck’s character as he meets one girl (Kurylenko), falls inRead More
British actress Natalie Dormer has landed a role in the highly anticipated Cormac McCarthy-scripted, Ridley Scott-directed “The Counselor”, according to THR. Michael Fassbender plays the titular role, and is joined by an all-star supporting cast that includes Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz. Dormer’s role is expected to be supporting in nature. Fassbender’s Counselor is a lawyer in the film that’s been described as “‘No Country For Old Men’ on steroids.” The Counselor tries to dip his toes into the Mexican drug trade without getting himself inRead More
James Bond is back in a big way if the first teaser trailer for “Skyfall”, Daniel Craig’s third time around as 007, is any indication. Sam Mendes is behind the director’s chair this time, and the first footage from the film, with Bond playing the most intense game of word association game ever, looks very promising. After the convoluted disappointment that was “Quantum of Solace”, “Skyfall” promises to leave the confusing mythology of the global terrorist network that the first two films revolved around behind in favor of a stand-aloneRead More
Michael Fassbender may be meeting his friends and foes for Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor” soon. Twitch Film reports that Natalie Portman is in early talks to take on the role of love interest Laura, while Jeremy Renner remains a top contender for the villain role of Reiner, though Scott is said to be leaning towards Javier Bardem. No official offers nor negotiations have commenced. Scripted by Cormac McCarthy, “The Counselor” has been described as “‘No Country For Old Men’ on steroids.” Fassbender will play a lawyer who decides to dipRead More
They’ve already got one gorgeous Bond Girl in French actress Berenice Marlohe, but director Sam Mendes and star Daniel Craig are still on the search for one more exotic beauty to play a friend or foe to Craig’s smooth-talking MI6 agent in Bond 23 (rumored to be titled “Skyfall” or “Carte Blanche”). Twitch Film report Chinese actress Tang Wei is currently the favorite to take the role though other actresses in the running include Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Shu Qi and Josie Ho, all of whom are complete unknowns inRead More