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Pilot season is upon us and that means an obscene amount of roles are up for grabs with networks looking to fill the lead and recurring roles on the numerous potential new shows. Each one needs talent to anchor the series, whether that is one actor or several leads, and it is important to get that casting right. If we had our choice, these are the actors who have demonstrated their abilities and who should get a call about leading their own new series next season.   Luke Mitchell “TheRead More
He’s been laying low since the end of Showtime’s long-running drama “Weeds,” but Hunter Parrish has just been snapped on the set of his new project, joining Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore in indie drama “Still Alice.” That’s him on set above, in case you forgot what Silas Botwin looked like. Moore plays the titular Alice in the film directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, a fifty year old happily married Harvard professor with three grown children who descends suddenly into early onset Alzheimer’s. “Fiercely independent, Alice struggles toRead More
Hunter Parrish
“The Good Wife” is adding Hunter Parrish to its call sheet for a dramatic season five, states The Hollywood Reporter. Many are joining the list of season five guest roles, but Parrish seems to cause quite the scandal. The episode follows college student Jeffery Grant (Parrish) “looking to experience everything life has to offer” until he finds himself in a mess of murder. Grant is accused of murdering a female classmate he states he never knew. Episode seven in which he first appears, titled “The Next Week,” is set to airRead More
“Transformers” is moving on with a brand new cast of characters, but of course we need new incarnations of the archetypes that worked in the first trilogy. Michael Bay is on board to direct “Transformers 4” and Mark Wahlberg has taken on the male lead role as a dad with a teenage daughter, but now comes time to cast that teenage daughter and her racecar driver boyfriend, who will be taking over for the roles that launched the careers of Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. Testing for these roles willRead More
Now that the circus of deciding who will be directing “The Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire” is finally over (in case you haven’t heard: “Hunger Games” director Gary Ross is out, and “Water for Elephants” director Francis Lawrence landed the coveted job), we can move on to more fun speculation about who might play some of the fan-favorite characters that begin showing up in the sequel. We could begin nowhere else but with Finnick Odair, the 24 year old former Hunger Games victor from District 4 who becomes one ofRead More
Hands down, one of our most highly anticipated upcoming movies is the long-gestating big screen adaptation of worldwide blockbuster musical “Les Miserables”. Australian actors Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe – both acting and singing heavyweights, well done, Tom Hooper – have been officially set for the lead roles of Jean Valjean, a reformed escaped convict and Javert, the by-the-numbers police inspector relentlessly on his tail, but there are plenty of other crucial roles to be cast. As Jean Valjean journeys through 19th century France with Javert hot on his heels,Read More
We already gave our suggestions for who should play Mia, the teenager who must decide to live or die after a car accident claims the life of her entire family in Gayle Foreman’s successful teen novel “If I Stay”, and now with the release of its sequel “Where She Went”, the first person narrative turns to that of Adam, the aspiring rock star boyfriend who stayed by her side and now must deal with the aftermath of her choice. With Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia taking the reins on an adaptationRead More
With the firestorm of Jennifer Lawrence officially confirmed for the starring role of Katniss Everdeen in Gary Ross’s adaptation of “The Hunger Games” dying down, attention has quickly shifted to who will play Katniss’s support group, most importantly her rival, partner and love interest in the games, Peeta Mellark, and Gale Hawthorne, her best friend back home and the third point in the inevitable love triangle. THR reports that for the role of Peeta, actors Hunter Parrish, Alexander Ludwig, Josh Hutcherson, Evan Peters and Lucas Till tested opposite Lawrence lastRead More