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The double episode series finale of Haven begins with Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) literally camping out in the Haven Police Headquarters and discussing Audrey’s recent abduction by her father, Croatoan. Audrey is more frightened after meeting him and hearing of his plans to “gift” people their heart’s desire, to prove himself to her. They also worry about Duke’s mission to collect specific troubles for Croatoan to use against them. Nathan insists they’ll get Duke back before that can happen. Somewhere in town, Kirby, Vanessa’s nephew, runs throughRead More
In a peaceful looking farmhouse, somewhere in Haven, Audrey (Emily Rose) wakes from a bad dream of an evil Duke (Eric Balfour) having just kidnapped her…only it wasn’t a dream. She pops up from a bed and tries to leave the room, only to find herself locked in, until Croatoan (William Shatner), her dad, enters. He’s rather jovial, as he calls her by the nickname he gave her long ago, “Dove.” He explains that it was derived from her ability to “soar,” because she was anything but a peaceful child.Read More
We find our heroes hold up in the former Haven PD building. They know Croatoan is coming for Audrey (Emily Rose), so Nathan (Lucas Bryant) gathers a group of Guard and former officers to help man the fort. Duke (Eric Balfour) arrives carrying a backpack, while others try to get the closed circuit cameras installed and online to monitor the interior and exterior of the station. Nathan finds Audrey in Dwight’s office, where she’s trying to figure out how to use the aether core and controller crystal to create aRead More
We begin this installment with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) feverishly trying to move the boulder blocking the entrance to the cave he and William (Colin Ferguson) are trapped inside. William is bartering for Nathan to help free him and it gets heated. Finally, Nathan has had enough and tells William that Mara is dead, by her own mother’s hand. At the Colton property, Audrey (Emily Rose) and Duke (Eric Balfour) are searching for Hailie, who ran off after realizing that Saving Nathan meant losing her “power.” As they search the property,Read More
We join Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey (Emily Rose) sharing a tender moment in the bedroom of his house. Yes, Nathan’s house has finally been shown and they’re cohabitating! A shirtless Nathan brings her coffee as they converse about her concerns over his going into the void in search of the controller crystal, the last piece needed to rebuild the barn. Meanwhile, on the edge of town, a boy is playing a game of toss with the mysterious fog barrier. On his last throw, the ball isn’t returned until DukeRead More
This week’s pivotal episode opens with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) questioning Dave (John Dunsworth) in his old office. Dave insists he’s being possessed by Croatoan and isn’t aware of what he’s doing. He then admits, to Nathan’s horror, that he believes he might have also killed James, the Colorado Kid (Nathan’s son). Dave adds there was a strange woman on the beach that day, who disappeared through a thinny, just before he was pulled into it. Nathan realizes this thinny could still be there and may a way into the void.Read More
HAVEN -- "Perditus" Episode 519 -- Pictured: Emily Rose as Audrey Parker -- (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Syfy)
As we begin this episode, Audrey (Emily Rose), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Dwight (Adam Copeland) stand outside a Big Benjy’s Ice Cream truck with Gloria. The body of Charlotte (Laura Mennell), lay inside, covered by a sheet as they discuss what happened to her and how to proceed. Audrey tells them Charlotte was attacked by Croatoan. She also explains that Croatoan is her (Mara’s) father and she doesn’t understand why he’d kill her mother. Audrey turns to walk away as Nathan pursues her to give her some emotional support, thoughRead More
This episode begins with a couple being terrorized by what appears to be the same creature that they’ve dubbed “The No Marks Killer.” Dave (John Dunsworth) wakes up to realize it was a dream of something that just happened, so he yells for Vince (Richard Donat) to get up and accompany him to try and save the woman. Across town, we see Dwight (Adam Copeland) and Charlotte (Laura Mennell) waking up together, discussing the plan to end the troubles and hoping for their “happily ever after.” Dwight leaves to assistRead More
At the end of last week’s episode, Audrey (Emily Rose) had been rendered unconscious by The Sandman (Rossif Sutherland) and we now find her somehow transported to a very lavish wedding venue, where she’s apparently preparing to marry Henry, aka Sandman. She’s definitely not herself, as we hear her conversations with others and see her about to try on her wedding gown. Next we witness a panicked Nathan (Lucas Bryant) finding Audrey, wide-eyed and unresponsive on the floor of a classroom. Sitting in a chair next to her is Grayson,Read More
This episode opens with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) surrounded by an angry mob of troubled citizens. Audrey (Emily Rose) and Dwight (Adam Copeland) do their best to calm Tony, Kira’s boyfriend and assure the others they will seek justice and the truth. Once in private, Nathan informs them that Kira is actually alive, but trapped by a large rock in a dark place full of aether. They all agree they cannot divulge her whereabouts, since it would just lead to a search party and the discovery of the aether. Audrey suggestsRead More