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The early days of Stephen Hawking’s rising career is framed as an inspirational love story in the first trailer for “Theory of Everything,” which stars Eddie Redmayne as the physicist and Felicity Jones as his first love and wife, Jane. The two met and fell in love while students at Cambridge University in the 1960s, though they didn’t have long together before he received a motor neurone disease diagnosis and a two-year life expectancy. The couple persevered, got married and started a family and, as we know, Hawking survived forRead More
Ambitious young scientists are at the center of WGN America’s second scripted series, “Manhattan,” set in the deserts of New Mexico where a top-secret compound held the nation’s top scientific minds as they set about building a nuclear bomb in a race, presumably, against enemy nations who are doing much the same. The historical drama follows the scientists as they move their unknowing families into the desert and then are unable to even tell them what they’re doing there. Part spy thriller, part interpersonal drama, the show nevertheless feels aRead More
A new trailer has been released for upcoming WGN America series “Manhattan”. The period drama, set in 1940s Los Alamos, New Mexico, follows a team of scientists as they work on creating the atomic bomb. Living in a middle class bubble, the crew begins to realize just how out of the usual this assignment is as they face their own personal struggles in the process. The series, set for a season of 13 episodes, features an ensemble cast. John Benjamin Hickey (“The Big C”) stars as team leader Frank WinterRead More
Now that the circus of deciding who will be directing “The Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire” is finally over (in case you haven’t heard: “Hunger Games” director Gary Ross is out, and “Water for Elephants” director Francis Lawrence landed the coveted job), we can move on to more fun speculation about who might play some of the fan-favorite characters that begin showing up in the sequel. We could begin nowhere else but with Finnick Odair, the 24 year old former Hunger Games victor from District 4 who becomes one ofRead More
Romanian director Nae Caranfil is deep into filming on location on period drama “Closer to the Moon”, starring Vera Farmiga and “Game of Thrones” actor Harry Lloyd, and some promotional and behind the scenes photos and video have been snapped by local journalists. Set in 1959 Bucharest, the film follows a group of Jewish former anti-Nazi revolutionaries who are arrested and sentenced to death after robbing a bank. Before their scheduled deaths, they are forced to star in a propaganda film for the enemy. Lloyd will play a cameraman assignedRead More
Spoiler alert: Harry Lloyd will not be returning to season two of HBO’s mega-hit fantasy epic “Game of Thrones”. You see, when you have boiling hot gold poured over your head, as Lloyd’s character Viserys Targaryen did in the show’s first season, it’s hard to bounce back. Luckily for the actor, his character’s ill fate has opened up his schedule to have a chance to make the leap to the big screen. Deadline reports the British up and comer has landed the lead role in period drama “Closer to theRead More
On July 8th, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be in Los Angeles attending the inaugural BAFTA Brits to Watch event, during which they will meet and hob nob with 42 hand-picked British writers, directors, cinematographers, producers and more filmmakers, who have shown great promise and are on their way to hugely successful careers. BAFTA said the names are “generally not complete beginners in their industry, and will have already begun to show real promise.” Among the 42 names, which also include writer/directors like Joe Cornish (“Hot Fuzz”) andRead More
She graduated from drama school at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts only a few months ago, but newcomer Alexandra Roach is already set to have a big breakthrough moment as she films “The Iron Lady”, playing famed Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in her 20s. Not only that, she’ll essentially be playing a younger version of the actress portraying Thatcher later in life: Meryl Streep. Not bad for a feature film debut. Joining her in the flashback scenes and playing her future husband Dennis Thatcher as a young man isRead More