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With a release date set for March 23rd 2012, promotional material for Gary Ross’s adaptation of “The Hunger Games” has been slowly trickling out, first with an awesome fiery motion poster and then just last month, the first character posters. The first teaser was underwhelming at best, but now, premiering today on Good Morning America, we have the first full length trailer. Starring Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, the film, based on the first novel of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling teen trilogy, is set in a post apocalyptic North AmericaRead More
What can we say other than, Holy Photoshop Batman! While “The Hunger Games” remains one of our most highly anticipated upcoming movies, the promotional materials released thus far can justly be described as awful (with the exception of that awesome motion poster). But that first teaser? Underwhelming. And now these characters-in-profile posters that spotlight Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss, Liam Hemsworth’s Gale, Josh Hutcherson’s Peeta and five more strong supporting characters from the film, all airbrushed within an inch of their lives. Luckily for Lionsgate, the massive success of the Suzanne CollinsRead More
Yesterday we unveiled the poster for Asger Roth’s thriller “Man on a Ledge” starring Sam Worthington, and today a slightly less impressive trailer makes its way online as well, via Yahoo! Movies. Worthington plays Nick Cassidy, an ex-cop slash ex-con who believes he was framed by Ed Harris. He threatens to jump from high atop a New York City skyscraper as thousands of spectators and countless NYPD officers swarm the scene and attempt to get him down safely. Unbeknownst to them, the suicide attempt is merely a cover-up for Nick’sRead More
If you’re afraid of heights, you may not want to look too closely at the first poster for new Sam Worthington thriller “Man on a Ledge”, unveiled by MovieWeb today. Taking a striking overhead shot at Worthington’s Nick Cassidy as he perches perilously on said ledge high up on a New York City skyscraper, forget the swarms of people, even the cars look like ants. In the Asger Roth directed heist thriller (wow, are there a lot of those floating around these days or what?), ex-cop turned conman Cassidy threatensRead More
Like they did for Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss, Entertainment Weekly gets the distinct privilege of unveiling in costume and in character Liam Hemsworth as Gale and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta in “The Hunger Games”. Hey, that fake forest background looks pretty familiar. Unlike Lawrence’s reveal though, the guys that will flank our heroine in Gary Ross’s adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling teen trilogy are less impressive to this writer. Hutcherson is certainly stocky the way his character is described, but that seems to be where the similarities end and the slightlyRead More
Filming is still underway in North Carolina, but Lionsgate is wasting no time showing off its answer to “the next Harry Potter/Twilight”, unveiling the fiery (and pretty awesome) motion poster for “The Hunger Games”, complete with music accompaniment. Gary Ross directs Jennifer Lawrence in the film about Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old who lives in District 12, a poor area in post-apocalyptic America, who volunteers herself for the Hunger Games when her little sister’s name is called by random draw. The Games are nationally televised and feature 24 kids aged 12-18Read More
Joe Manganiello, Rebel Wilson and Wendi McLendon-Covey are the three newest actors to jump on board ensemble romantic comedy “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, reports THR and EW. The three play supporting characters (read: none of them are expected to spawn a child in the film) and join a cast that already includes Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Kendrick, Chace Crawford, Rodrigo Santoro, Rob Huebel and Chris Rock. The Kirk Jones directed film, based on the international best-selling advice books, follows four couples preparing forRead More
Some usual suspects are lining up for the next Next Big Role. Thanks to his huge success shepherding “The Fighter” to audiences and the awards circuit, David O. Russell now has the enviable task of hand-picking the female lead of his next film from a crop of the hottest actresses around. THR reports the sometimes volatile director is screen-testing today and through the weekend for a young lady to play love interest to Mark Wahlberg in “The Silver Linings Handbook”, and names include Elizabeth Banks, Kirsten Dunst, Blake Lively, RooneyRead More
After weeks of stringing us along with daily announcements of unknown actors cast in the roles of mostly nameless characters, the list of the 24 Tributes of Lionsgate’s “The Hunger Games” has been completed. The final pair to join the group are Alexander Ludwig and Isabelle Furhman who will be portraying Cato and Clove, the deadly duo from District 2 who are among Katniss’ greatest enemies while in the arena. Ludwig and Furhman will join Jennifer Lawrence who plays protagonist Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as her partner/love interest PeetaRead More
Gary Ross is continuing to steadily fill in the 24 spots allocated for Tributes from each of Panem’s 12 districts who fight each other to the death in his adaptation of “The Hunger Games”. With Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson set as main characters Katniss and Peeta from District 12, the rest of the Tributes have gone to even lesser-known names. Thresh, the physically imposing tribute from District 11, will be played by Dayo Okeniyi, while Rue, his fellow District 11 tribute and the youngest in the Games, will beRead More