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So, it looks like Ryan Gosling‘s hiatus from acting isn’t going to last very long. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has optioned Jeffrey Spivak’s “Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley” for the 33-year-old actor-turned-director to produce as well as possibly star in and direct. “Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley” chronicles the life and career of renowned musical director and choreographer Busby Berkeley, who started out as a Broadway director in the 1920s before transitioning to films in the 1930s where his innovative choreographyRead More
Gillian Flynn adaptation “Dark Places” is coming together fast and furious with increasingly awesome cast additions being announced every day. “Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks is the latest to sign on, according to Deadline, joining Charlize Theron, Chloe Moretz, Corey Stoll, Nicholas Hoult and Tye Sheridan. Gilles Paquet-Brenner is directing with Theron in the role of Libby Day who, at seven years old, witnessed the murder of her entire family and later testified that her fifteen year old brother Ben (Sheridan as the youth) was the killer. Twenty-five years later,Read More
“Drive” actor and director duo Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn wasted no time in teaming up for a second time, and judging by the first red band trailer for “Only God Forgives”, fans of the pair’s first collaboration should be more than satisfied. Richly saturated colors, slow and deliberate pacing, stylized and fluid and slick and sharp and oh yes, violent, this trailer has shot this highly anticipated film even higher up our list. Gosling plays Julian, an Englishman living in Thailand who runs a Thai boxing club, whichRead More
Christina Hendricks continues landing intriguing big screen roles as THR reports the “Mad Men” actress will headline a new adaptation of Joan Didion’s “A Book of Common Prayer.” Campbell Scott will direct the film, which was adapted by Joyce McKee and Rachel LeMin. Hendricks will play Charlotte Douglas, an American woman who travels to the fictional Central American country of Boca Grande, which is on the verge of revolution, believing she will be reunited with her runaway daughter. A second female lead role, Grace Strasser-Mendana, a fellow American who marriedRead More
Rising stars Oscar Isaac and Jason Clarke are teaming up for psychological thriller “Mojave”, according to Variety. The two-hander is described as intense, and follows “a man who escapes into the desert only to encounter a doppelganger-like antagonist and subsequently enter a vortex of criminality and violence.” No word on who’s good and who’s evil, but Isaac and Clarke as doppelgangers? I guess I can kind of see it… William Monahan wrote and will direct, with production slated to begin begin in early 2013. Clarke was last seen in JohnRead More
Is Ryan Gosling finally making his directorial debut? Years after toying with directing his own script “The Lord’s Resistance Army”, about child soldiers in Uganda, it was announced via press release from TIFF today Gosling is now attached to direct a new script he’s written, a “modern day fairytale” called “How to Catch a Monster.” The soon-to-be multi-hyphenate has also attached “Mad Men” actress and his “Drive” co-star Christina Hendricks to star in the film. Production is scheduled for the Spring of 2013, with Hendricks in the role of Billy,Read More
Carey Mulligan is in negotiations to star in indie black comedy/thriller “Nancy and Danny”, according to THR. James Marsh is on board to direct the film written by Brad Inglesby, which is set in a small town. Mulligan will play a money-hungry woman whose big city dreams have failed and she’s returned in an attempt to land her high school crush. In order to do that, she “uses a hapless man as a pawn in a get-rich-quick scheme that quickly goes wrong.” Described as being in the vein of GusRead More
Oscar Isaac will star opposite Viggo Mortensen in thriller “Two Faces of January”, according to Variety. It’s a reunion for Isaac and Hossein Amini, the screenwriter of “Drive” who will be making his directorial debut on this project. Based on the Patricia Highsmith novel, the story follows “a con artist, his wife and a stranger who try to flee a foreign country after one of them is caught up in the murder of a police officer.” Filming is slated for the end of this year. Increasingly becoming an in demandRead More
We all loved Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in “Crazy Stupid Love”, and can’t wait to see them together again in “Gangster Squad”, but is the world ready for a third dose of Gosling/Stone? The filmmakers behind their first collaboration certainly hope so. Deadline reports Glenn Ficarra and John Requa have made a deal to direct their script “Focus” for Warner Bros, and they are hoping Gosling and Stone will join them. “Focus” is set in the world cons and tells the story of a veteran conman who gets romanticallyRead More
Elizabeth Olsen has landed herself a hunky lover and co-conspirator in period romance/drama/thriller “Therese Raquin”, Deadline reports. Fast rising star Oscar Isaac has joined the cast that also includes Tom Felton and Jessica Lange – apparently taking over for Glenn Close – in the role of Laurent. Olsen stars in the title role in the film adapted from the Emile Zola novel and to be directed by Charlie Stratton, as a young woman in 19th century France forced by her aunt (Lange) into marrying her first cousin Camille (Felton), aRead More