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Posted On April 3, 2014By Linda GeIn Casting

Katie McGrath Joins ‘Jurassic World’

“Merlin” and “Dracula” alum Katie McGrath will give contemporary settings a try as THR reports she has joined the cast of “Jurassic World,” along with Judy Greer and Lauren Lapkus. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard were previously cast as the leads of Colin Trevorrow’s reboot of the classic Steven Spielberg dinosaur franchise, along with Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, Jake Johnson, Ifran Khan, Vincent D’Onofrio and B.D. Wong. There are no in depth plot details, but “Jurassic World” has long been rumored to take place years after the events ofRead More
“Dracula” returns tonight after a brief hiatus, and in stills from FarFarAway, it looks like Mina (Jessica de Gouw) is finally having a proper party for her engagement with Harker (Oliver-Jackson Cohen). But considering that the title of the episode is “The Devil’s Waltz,” there will probably be some sort of hitch in the evening, especially with everyone’s favorite bloodsucker Dracula (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) in attendance. Can Mina really be happy with Harker when she can’t help but be inexplicably drawn to Grayson? Regardless of who can win her affections,Read More
From Darkness to Light
Ever since everyone’s favorite vampire, “Dracula,” first laid eyes on Mina (Jessica De Gouw), his efforts to overcome sunlight have only been matched by his infatuation with her, and in stills from tonight’s episode, it looks like it’ll be two steps forward and one step back for both his proposed conquests. Titled “From Darkness to Light,” the dark events from last week seem to have made way for several different breakthroughs, but as we should know by now, not everything will be sunshine and rainbows for this crew. Lucy (KatieRead More
Dracula - Season 1
Premiering tonight on NBC, “Dracula” tells the tale of the original vampire with a passionate twist. New stills from episode three have been unveiled, revealing quite the curious bunch of 19th century folk. From the stills, it seems that Mina Murray (Jessica De Gouw) is in the process of mending a broken heart with her friend Lucy (Katie McGrath) by having a little fun around town, while Jonathan Harker (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) seems to be up to no good, as he keeps a watchful eye on Lord Thomas (Robert Bathurst) andRead More
We know that Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ titular “Dracula” is pretty instataneously infatuated with Jessica De Gouw’s Mina on NBC’s new series about the most famous vampire in history, but by the looks of these newly released stills from episode 1.02, Mina’s still only got eyes for her fiance Jonathan Harker (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Oh kids, enjoy it while it lasts. FarAwaySite got the first pics of the episode, titled “A Whiff of Sulphur,” and the images below also feature Katie McGrath as Lucy, Mina’s best friend and another crucial figure fromRead More
Each year with the end of summer and start of the fall TV season, we look forward to the return of all our favorites and anticipate the newest series that will soon get to earn our love. But fall premieres also bring us a wealth of new stars, many we’ve seen before and some joining us for the first time, all battling it out against bigger names and amongst themselves for the rare, unpredictable chance to break out. Yes, the road is definitely not an easy one, as ratings are anRead More
Jonathan Rhys Meyers returns to TV this fall as the most famous vampire in the world on NBC’s “Dracula,” and today new cast promo images have been released via SpoilerTV, featuring rising stars Jessica De Gouw, Katie McGrath and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the human trio caught in Dracula’s supernatural world. Naturally, this isn’t Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” in its strictest form. Myers’ vampire disguises himself as an American entrepreneur, integrating into Victorian society in England while secretly seeking vengeance on those who wronged him centuries earlier. Meanwhile, De Gouw’s Mina drawsRead More
“Les Miserables”‘ Eponine Samantha Barks leads a trio of actors joining Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper and Sarah Gadon in the new adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, according to THR. Icelandic actor Thor Kristjansson and “Game of Thrones” child star Art Parkinson have also hopped aboard the Gary Shore-directed tale. The long-gestating project formerly titled “Dracula: Year Zero” sees Evans as a young Prince Vlad who offers up his soul to a bloodthirsty sultan in exchange for the lives of his wife (Gadon) and child, and thus becomes the world’s firstRead More
Dracula - Season 1
Vampires are a trend that will never die, (presumably because of the whole immortality thing), and NBC reinforces this fact with its premiere of “Dracula.” They’ve recently released new images from the series premiere of the supernatural drama, with the cast looking equal parts elegant and spooky, as Victorian societies often are. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“The Tudors”) is the star as the mysterious Dracula, and he is in good company with newcomers Jessica De Gouw as Mina Murray, Oliver Jackson-Cohen as journalist Jonathan Harker, and Katie McGrath as Lucy Westenra. InRead More
British actor Dominic Cooper is in talks to join Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon in origin tale “Dracula”, according to Variety. Gary Shore is making his directorial debut on the long-gestating project formerly titled “Dracula: Year Zero”, which sees Evans as a young Prince Vlad who offers up his soul to a bloodthirsty sultan in exchange for the lives of his wife (Gadon) and child, and thus becomes the world’s first vampire. There’s no word on who Cooper will play, but with the isolated nature of a character such asRead More