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Update: A U.K. version of the trailer has just been added! Much hype has been built towards the reveal of the trailer for Darren Aronofsky‘s biblical drama “Noah.” This week alone, we’ve gotten sneak peeks that range from seven seconds to just over one minutes and 20 seconds long. But you can now rest assured since the first full-length trailer has finally arrived! “Noah” stars Russell Crowe in the title role of the man who leads his family to build an ark in order to protect them from an epicRead More
Lone Scherfig’s big screen adaptation of 2010 controversial play “Posh” has wrapped up filming, but we’ve confirmed some final bits of casting thanks to a tip from U&C reader Elle: “Downton Abbey” star Jessica Brown-Findlay and fellow British up and comers Olly Alexander, Sam Reid and Matthew Beard as well as “The Book Thief” star Ben Schnetzer are also part of the ensemble cast that includes Max Irons, Freddie Fox, Sam Claflin, Douglas Booth, Holliday Grainger and Natalie Dormer. This mostly young, white and male cast play members of TheRead More
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Hailee Steinfeld, 16, and Douglas Booth, 21, share their first kiss in a new clip from Carlo Carlei‘s “Romeo and Juliet,” released today by Just Jared. The forthcoming Shakespeare adaptation also stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ed Westwick, Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti and Lesley Manville. Even if you haven’t read this English lit classic in school, it’s hard not to be aware of the iconic story of two star-crossed lovers from rival families that embark on a tragic affair. In this latest clip, Romeo (Booth) and Juliet (Steinfeld) are alone together inRead More
The famous balcony scene is, naturally, the focus of the first clip released from Carlo Carlei’s new adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” with Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld as the ill-fated young lovers. Along with the clip, we’ve also got 20 brand new images from the film. This adaptation takes after Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film more than Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 modern take, but has thus far come off rather childish and dumbed-down, with the newest clip not really doing anything much to change this writer’s mind. Booth delivers hisRead More
A second trailer for Carlo Carlei’s new adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” has dropped and it’s given us a better understanding of just what kind of adaptation of Shakespeare it is. Julian Fellowes adapted the Bard’s words, and the setting is traditional Verona, Italy, circa the 14th Century, but he has also apparently dumbed down and modernized the language at least somewhat. “Do you believe we’ll ever meet again?” Hailee Steinfeld’s Juliet asks her Romeo, played in this version by Douglas Booth. I’m pretty sure Shakespeare never wrote such words,Read More
Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth star in “the most dangerous love story ever told”, proclaims the first poster for Carlo Carlei’s new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet.” Teen Vogue unveiled the poster (which should tell us a lot about the target audience here), which sees Steinfeld and Booth getting close but looking pained, what with the warring disapproving families and all. Those family members include Damian Lewis as her dad, Ed Westwick as her cousin Tybalt, Kodi Smit-McPhee as his cousin Benvolio and Paul Giamatti as theRead More
“Game of Thrones” actress Natalie Dormer has joined the ensemble cast of Lone Scherfig’s adaptation of “Posh”, an adaptation of Laura Wade’s 2010 play that already stars Max Irons, Sam Claflin and Douglas Booth. Deadline reported the news, and Dormer becomes the second female cast member after Holliday Grainger’s joined the film in March. The film is already shooting in England, with Irons and Freddie Fox spotted on set last week. The mostly young, white and male cast play members of The Riot Club, a fictional version of The BullingdonRead More
UPDATE: We somehow missed this report from last month, but Britain’s The Daily Mail reports “The Borgias” actress Holliday Grainger is in talks for one of the few female roles in the film, while Emma Watson also met with the director but ultimately couldn’t take a different role. Daily Mail also updates Robert Pattinson has passed on the project. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: The gang’s almost all here. After initial reports of negotiations in March, British actors Sam Claflin (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”) and Douglas Booth (“Jupiter Ascending”) have now officiallyRead More
We expect during promo rounds for this movie, Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth will spend a great amount of time speaking of their admiration for Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 version of Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet” and how they’re in no way trying to top it, and judging from the first trailer for Carlo Carlei’s new take on the tragic romance, they’d be wise to make that clear up front. Forget Luhrmann’s modern twist on the tale, Carlei’s vision clearly takes much more after Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 traditionally set film, whichRead More
“The Host” star Max Irons is the first actor to be confirmed to be joining Lone Scherfig’s adaptation of hit play “Posh”, according to THR. On Friday Irons, Sam Claflin, Douglas Booth and Robert Pattinson were first reported to be in various stages of discussions with the production about taking four of the ten or so roles available. THR also echos the original report that Pattinson, out of all the actors, is the least solidified, indicating “he’s being circled more than he’s circling” the project. Laura Wade’s 2010 hit playRead More