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British actors Dominic Cooper and Dan Stevens, and Australian actress Emily Browning – with a rather convincing British accent – fall in and out of love in this newly released first trailer for indie period film “Summer in February“. Filmed early last year on location, the true tale is set in Cornwall at the onset of World War I, and follows Cooper’s painter Alfred Munnings who falls in love with fellow artist Florence Carter-Wood (Browning). Carter-Wood though also falls in love with land manager, and Munning’s best friend, Gilbert Evans,Read More
Promising rising actress Dakota Johnson is free to return to movies now that her Fox comedy series “Ben and Kate” is in limbo. Her first post-sitcom project is a big one: Deadline reports Johnson is set to join the cast of video game adaptation “Need for Speed”, which already has Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots and Dominic Cooper in starring roles, and a supporting cast rounded out by Michael Keaton, Rami Malek, Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi and Ramon Rodriguez. Scott Waugh is directing the film which is set in the 1970s,Read More
Dreamworks “Need For Speed” adaptation is quickly shaping up to be one of our most anticipated big budget blockbusters, casting indie star Aaron Paul in the lead mid-October and then just last week picking Imogen Poots to join her “A Long Way Down” co-star. Scott Waugh is already set to direct the pic, with an early 2013 shotting schedule tentatively set, ready for a 2014 release. Variety today reports that Dominic Cooper is in negotiations to join the pic, which is an original story based on the entire Electronic ArtsRead More
Good news and bad news for fans of smash hit Broadway musical “Jersey Boys.” The bad news is that Warner Bros has put the big screen adaptation, which has Jon Favreau attached to direct, into turnaround, according to Variety. This means Favreau and Co. now have to shop the project around to other studios and hope that someone likes it enough to pick it up. But meetings are already taking place, with Paramount talking to the filmmakers tomorrow and Twentieth Century Fox also in play. Warner Bros had it fast-trackedRead More
Marvel universe cohorts Dominic Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson will headline indie legal drama “Reasonable Doubt”, according to Variety. Peter Howitt will direct the film formerly known as “The Good Samaritan” starting on November 19th in Canada. Peter Dowling wrote the script which follows Cooper’s up and coming assistant District Attorney who’s tasked with prosecuting a fatal hit and run case with insufficient evidence. After the driver is acquitted, Cooper’s character continues to pursue him. Cooper appeared in several of 2011′s biggest movies, including superhero blockbuster “Captain America: The FirstRead More
Emily Browning trades in the extreme and sexualized characters she played in “Sucker Punch” and “Sleeping Beauty” for something downright wholesome in our first look at British period romance “Summer in February”, brought to us by Hey U Guys. Browning cozies up to “Downton Abbey” star Dan Stevens by the water as they play real life artist Florence Carter-Wood and land manager Gilbert Evans in the early 20th Century. The two look idyllic and peaceful but actually get caught up in a passionate and dramatic love triangle with painter AlfredRead More
Looks like Dominic Cooper is trading in one revenge thriller for another. After dropping out of “Motor City”, which will now star Gerard Butler (downgrade!), Cooper is signing on to original Swedish “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” director Niels Arden Oplev’s “Dead Man Down”, joining original Lisbeth Salander Noomi Rapace and Irish star Colin Farrell in the cast. It’s a curious switheroo for Cooper, who apparently gave up the leading role in “Motor City” to play second or third fiddle here. Farrell leads the way as a mobster’s hitmanRead More
Honest Abe speaks! We’ve already seen plenty of montage footage from “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, but in the new trailer released today, Benjamin Walker finally gives voice to the axe-wielding, vampire killing 16th President of the United States. Through narration, Abe explains why exactly you and I have only heard the squeaky clean, vampire-less history of his life and why he just hates vampires so damn much. Brief glimpse here of Australian actress Robin McLevy as Lincoln’s mother, whose death when he was young sets off his quest, and RufusRead More
Just yesterday we saw the American teaser trailer for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and like all good first trailers, it teased and tantalized without giving away too many secrets of Benjamin Walker’s axe-wielding, almost superhuman action hero of a 16th President. For international audiences though, Fox is going full out exposition, chocking it full of explanatory dialogue and closer looks at the bloodsucking monsters Walker’s Honest Abe will be fighting. One good thing about the new trailer is that we are given our first look at two key characters leftRead More
Looks like conquering “Motor City” just isn’t enough for Dominc Cooper, who’s setting his sights on something more global, as Variety reports the busy and rising actor has replaced Clive Owen in international thriller “Cities”. The new casting could call into question Cooper’s previous commitment to “Motor City”, the ambitious dialogue-free revenge thriller he was slated to star in opposite Amber Heard. Cooper will join Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst and Anil Kapoor in “Cities” for director Roger Donaldson, which will tell “stories of characters around the globe, including a NewRead More