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With over 400 scripted television programs on the air in the past year, it was harder than ever to narrow it down to just the top 10 shows of 2015. From returning favorites that were better than ever to new instant favorites, it was a great year for shows to make us laugh and cry, and sometimes throw things at the screen in frustration. In only the best ways. Check out our final Top 10 below, and let us know your list in the comments! 10. The Affair Season 2Read More
Charlie Cox goes takes Matt Murdoch from blind lawyer by day to superhero by night in the first full length trailer for Marvel’s first Netflix series, “Daredevil.” Cox looks decidedly unlike Ben Affleck’s slick big screen version of the same character from 2003. For one thing, his costume looks pretty homemade, at least at this early stage of the origin story about how Murdoch decides to take on the criminal underbelly of New York City on his own. The rest of the cast includes Elden Henson as Franklin “Foggy” Nelson,Read More
Netflix gave the world their first glimpse of hero Daredevil in action. a teaser trailer for the upcoming Netflix series “Daredevil” was released on YouTube today. In the 15 second video, we get shots of the blind hero, played by Charlie Cox, searching for something in tunnels of some sort. While the footage is somewhat ambiguous, one thing is not: the announcement that a longer trailer will be released tomorrow!Read More
Another year, another chance to discover your next TV obsession. From prequels to spinoffs to hip hop soap operas and comic book adaptations, the new shows on offer during the 2015 midseason run deep. To help you sift through the plethora of new shows to check out, we’ve curated the 15 shows we are most excited to see in the first quarter of the year. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below! Agent Carter Network: ABC Airdate: January 6 This 7 week miniseries is just full of HayleyRead More
Marvel took to the New York Comic Con to show off the first clips from their upcoming Netflix series adaptation of “Daredevil.” While those clips aren’t available online yet, they did release the first photos of Charlie Cox in costume as the titular superhero. Looking very unlike the Ben Affleck incarnation of the character, Cox is seen as Matt Murdoch, the blind New Yorker who’s a lawyer by day and fights crime in slightly more unorthodox ways by night. The first photos show Murdoch in both his alter-egos. The restRead More
UPDATE: THR confirms this is now official. British actor Charlie Cox has emerged as potentially the man Marvel have chosen to be their new “Daredevil,” taking the titular role in the upcoming Netflix series, according to Latino Review. Here is how the fanboy scoop site categorizes this latest bit of info: “I am hearing that Charlie Cox, the English actor best known for his starring role as Tristan Thorne in Stardust and more recently for his supporting role in the second and third seasons of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, is lookingRead More