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Ellen Page only recently wrapped shooting on “X-Men: Days of Future Past” but it sounds like she’s hoping to step back into a comic book adaptation sooner rather than later, joining negotiations for Fox’s “Queen and Country“. The story of a British Intelligence agent whose identity is compromised as she tries to stop an international terrorist plot, “Queen and Country” is being adapted by John Rogers. Variety reports that Fox have “long wanted to give Page a franchise after working with the young actress in various Fox and Fox SearchlightRead More
The last time director Francis Ford Coppola was at Comic-Con, it was 1991 and he was there with his adaptation, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Twenty years later, Coppola’s back with Twixt, a gothic tale featuring Elle Fanning and Val Kilmer, and EW have given us our first set picture of Coppola and Fanning. Sporting a victorian gothic costume, and looking like she put her make up on in the dark, Fanning stars as a young girl murdered in a small town in America. With it’s beginnings in a dream Coppola had,Read More
After he failed to set the screen ablaze as Johnny Storm in the 2005 adaptation of comic book classic “Fantastic Four” (the movie was such a disappointment Fox is already rebooting the franchise), Chris Evans makes a second attempt at becoming a superhero, this time taking on the even more prominent comic figure, Captain America. After beating out actors that included “TRON”‘s Garrett Hedlund, “Friday Night Lights” star Scott Porter and Jim Halpert himself John Krasinski, Evans will carry the Cap’s hugely iconic shield into theaters July 22, 2011. HeRead More