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Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick are hearing things. According to Deadline, the trio are set to begin filming psychological thriller “The Voices” imminently in Berlin, with Reynolds in the role of a “lovable but strange bathtub factory worker” with an unrequited crush on a co-worker. Iranian filmmaker Marjane Satrapi will direct the fantastical story, which really picks up when Reynolds’ Jerry is implicated in the accidental death of a co-worker (the aforementioned crush? It’s unclear), and goes on a journey with the help of his evil talking catRead More
Gemma Arterton is about to take the plight of competitive young actresses to the extreme as THR reports the young Brit is in talks to star in thriller/comedy “Wright Girls.” The film, based on a Japanese film called “2LDK” (though it sounds like it could easily have been pulled from real life), revolves around two actresses who live and work together on a successful TV show, while pretending to be best friends offscreen. In reality, they can’t stand each other and begin going to violent extremes to eliminate the otherRead More
It-Girl of the moment Brit Marling decided to keep “Company” with Robert Redford and in the process has left open the high profile female lead opposite Tom Cruise in thriller “One Shot”, which Marling could not fit into her busy schedule. THR now reports actresses including Hayley Atwell, Rosamund Pike and Alexa Davalos are vying for the role of a defense lawyer in the film based on the Lee Childs series of books revolving around anti-hero Jack Reacher. All actresses in the running tested for the role yesterday. Cruise willRead More

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Gemma Arterton sings a “Song for Marion”

The influence of “Glee” on pop culture is going international. The Daily Mail reports Gemma Arterton will be starring opposite Vanessa Redgrave and Terrence Stamp in rock-choir musical “Song for Marion”. Producer Ken Marshall told the UK paper, “Choirs have always been a massive part of the British social fabric” and that the mega success of American TV series “Glee” has contributed to its increase in popularity. Christopher Eccleston and Anne Reid co-star in the film directed by Paul Andrew Williams, which centers around Redgrave’s Marion, who is a memberRead More
Xavier Samuel is trading in his (non-existent) fangs for a surfboard, as Variety reports the “Twilight” series star has joined the cast of “Drift”, an Aussie surf drama starring Sam Worthington. Another fellow Aussie actor, Myles Pollard, also stars in the film. A period film set in the 1970’s, “Drift” follows two brothers (presumably Worthington and Pollard) who open a surf shop and end up building an empire. The film will be directed by Ben Nott and Morgan O’Neill, who also wrote the sc the script. Samuel retreated back toRead More
British actor Luke Evans is the next young star with still unproven mettle getting a potential blockbuster built just for him. Deadline reports FilmNation Entertainment has bought and will develop “The Amateur American” as a starring vehicle for Evans, who they are banking on to become one of the next hot young stars to break out in a big way. The action-thriller will be written and directed by Ross Katz, and expected to begin shooting in September. The film will center around Evans, who will play “a young American livingRead More
“Barney’s Version” actress and recent “Superman” female lead finalist Rosamund Pike is close to finalizing a deal with Warner Bros to play legendary Greek mythological princess Andromeda in “Clash of the Titans” sequel “Wrath of the Titans”, according to Deadline. She will be replacing Alexa Davalos, who played the role in the first film and is unavailable for the sequel. Both from the same studio, this role takes Pike out of the running for the still unspecified (though rumored to be villainous Ursa) role in “Superman”. Five lesser-known actresses hadRead More
This one is a bit of surprise, since Alexa Davalos played the role of Andromeda in “Clash of the Titans” and it seemed her storyline with Sam Worthington’s Perseus was neatly wrapped up at the end of that movie, but The Wrap reports Warner Bros is bringing back the princess who, in traditional Greek mythology, marries Perseus after he frees her from the sea monster Cetus. However, since the film deviated greatly from legend by having Perseus fight the Kraken instead of Cetus and link him romantically more to mythologicalRead More
Thank you, Santa, for Gemma Arterton and her complete inability to keep anything to herself. Becoming somewhat notorious in recent months for speaking out about everything, from which of her films she thinks aren’t very good (“Clash of the Titans”) to meeting with directors for projects that are far from confirmed (“Alien” prequel, among others), Arterton drops another bombshell in her latest interview. Announced quite casually to Total Film upon winning their Hottest Actress award, Arterton states that a biopic of early 20th century wartime photojournalist Robert Capa is inRead More
Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how much buzz he has going for him right now due to the revelatory performance he gives in “127 Hours”, Production Weekly reports that James Franco is being sought after by Warner Bros to co-star with Sam Worthington and Gemma Arterton as Phoenician King Agenor in the sequel to this year’s critically panned but commercially successful “Clash of the Titans”, entitled “Wrath of the Titans”. PW also reports Javier Bardem, another Oscar contender for “Biutiful”, is being sought to play God of War Ares. Jonathan Liebesman isRead More