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The cancellation of NBC musical series “Smash” may have been a blessing in disguise for Broadway vet Christian Borle, as he has been freed up to take a role in Michael Mann’s untitled cyber thriller opposite Chris Hemsworth, reports Deadline. Viola Davis, Holt McCallany and Chinese stars Wei Tang and Leehom Wang are also on board the international cast. There are no plot details available, but the film is said to be in the vein of Mann’s previous thrillers “Heat” and “Thief” but set in the world of cyber theftRead More
Stage and screen actor Benjamin Walker has landed a major role opposite Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland in Ron Howard’s nautical actioner “In the Heart of the Sea”, according to Deadline. Based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s factual retelling “In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex”, Hemsworth will play a first mate aboard whaling ship the Essex, which began a journey from Nantucket bound for the South Pacific in 1819 and was rammed and sunk by a giant sperm whale, the incident that served as inspiration forRead More
Sequels have to be bigger and badder than the original, as a rule, and Marvel has clearly been strictly enforcing it thus far for their Phase 2 films. The first trailer for “Thor: The Dark World” has arrived and indeed, it already feels grander, more epic and more dangerous than 2011’s “Thor.” Chris Hemsworth returns as the God of Thunder to battle the Dark Elves, whose Earth-destroying capabilities far surpasses that of the lone giant robot The Destroyer that Thor fought in the first film. More of the action willRead More
It’s officially Marvel season! “Iron Man 3” has been kicking off its worldwide promo tour – with screenings in London returning ecstatic results – and now “Thor: The Dark World” is prepping to begin its marketing push. Today USA Today has unveiled the first poster from the November release, featuring star Chris Hemsworth in some inclement weather. Alan Taylor takes over the directing duties from original helmer Kenneth Branagh, and “The Dark World” will take Thor beyond Asgard and Earth to the Nine Realms, where dark elves, led by ChristopherRead More
You’d think young British actor Tom Holland must hate the water by now after spending half of “The Impossible” trying not to drown, but you’d be wrong. Deadline reports he’s joined another water disaster flick, Ron Howard’s period whaling thriller “In the Heart of the Sea”, which already has Chris Hemsworth in the lead role. Based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s factual retelling “In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex”, Hemsworth will play a first mate aboard whaling ship the Essex, which began a journey from NantucketRead More
Two totally different yet equally competitive racecar drivers are presented to us in the first trailer for Ron Howard’s Formula One biopic “Rush”, which sees Chris Hemsworth as the party-hard James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda, his dedicated and intense rival who doesn’t let a little thing like a near-death accident keep him from racing. The two lived and raced in the 1970s, and the film, scripted by Peter Morgan, will focus on the 1976 race which Hunt won and which almost claimed Lauda’s life in a near-fatalRead More
Last we heard back in November, Australian action star Chris Hemsworth had attached himself to Stephen Gaghan’s crime thriller “Candy Store”, but that may no longer be the case. In an interview with MTV at the Oscars on Sunday, Hemsworth’s fellow countryman Jason Clarke offered up that he will star in the film. The film follows an elite operative who retires to Brooklyn, only to find the enemy he once fought setting up shop in his new neighborhood. It’s possible Hemsworth is still attached to the role of the protagonistRead More
Director Michael Mann has not made a movie since 2009’s “Public Enemies” but appears finally ready to get back behind the camera, and Variety reports he has boarded an untitled thriller set up at Legendary Pictures which has Australian action star Chris Hemsworth attached to the lead role. There are not plot details, other than to say the film takes place “in a world of cyber threats and attacks.” Mann has been developing the project for over a year and co-wrote the screenplay with Morgan Davis Foehl. Filming is tentativelyRead More
You better not be teasing us now, The Wrap. Buried in a story about Chris Hemsworth becoming attached to Stephen Gaghan’s crime thriller “Candy Store,” the paper also reports Hemsworth is being eyed for a role in “Triumph”, a biopic of iconic American actor Steve McQueen, and that film has also offered a role to Liam Hemsworth, Chris’s younger “Hunger Games” star brother. The film is set up at Sony Pictures and the script – following the story of McQueen and his stunt double Bud Elkins – is still beingRead More
November 9, 2012 UPDATE: Hemsworth will not join this project, Deadline reports. A deal could not come together. Could Chris Hemsworth be any more in demand? Star of “Thor“, “Snow White and the Huntsman“, and “The Avengers” is currently filming “Thor: The Dark World” in the UK and has Formula One drama “Rush” in post-production awaiting a release date. The thesp has alsoRead More