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Dev Patel is in early talks to join Sharlto Copley in Neill Blomkamp’s third feature, “Chappie”, according to THR. Described as a sci-fi comedy, “Chappie” is based on a short Blomkamp did called “Tetra Vaal.” While plot details on the feature – which Blomkamp also wrote – is being kept under wraps, the short revolved around robotic police force patrolling the slums of South Africa. Looks like it’s another sci-fi tinged rumination on class warfare, the theme that ties together “District 9” and the forthcoming “Elysium” as well. Copley willRead More
As we’re awaiting director Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley’s sophomore effort together “Elysium“, the twosome are already gearing up their third outing, as EW reports that Copley has joined Blomkamp’s “Chappie“. Not much is known about Blomkamp’s third feature which he previously described to Empire Magazine as a “science-fiction comedy” but that’s enough to get us intrigued for now. South African actor Copley previously starred in the Oscar nominated sci-fi hit “District 9” and will team up with Matt Damon in “Elysium” which showcases the struggle between the haves andRead More