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Carey Mulligan is building quite the career with interesting role choice and working with some of the best talent in the industry. That trend continues now as Deadline reports the Oscar nominated actress is in discussions to star with Joaquin Phoenix in a secretive film written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze. Samantha Morton and Amy Adams are also circling roles. Very little is known about the film, but Deadline speculates – based on info gathered late last year – that it is a satire revolving around worldRead More
The support for Nicolas Winding Refn’s violent, stylish arthouse action flick “Drive” was perhaps the biggest – and most pleasant – surprise to us when the British Academy of Film and Television announced their nominations for the 2012 Film Awards this morning. The film scored unexpected nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress for Carey Mulligan. “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” was also well-deservedly represented, nominated for Best Film, Best British Film, Best Director, Best Actor – Gary Oldman, Best Adapted Screenplay, as well as a bevy ofRead More
“Akira” getting pushed back may be a blessing in disguise for Garrett Hedlund (some would say flat out blessing, but we digress). Variety reports the star now has an open slot in his schedule and has promptly filled it with something awesome: Hedlund is jumping on board the Coen Brothers’ next directorial vehicle, the 1960s set folk music drama “Inside Llewyn Davis”, which already stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. Isaac plays Davis, a fictional character loosely based on 1960s Greenwich Village based musician Dave VanRead More
Another day and another set of announcements from film critics – this time around, the San Diego Film Critics Society and their nominees for this year’s “excellence in film”. We have the usual suspects leading the pack with The Artist and Hugo both picking up a slew of nominations – eight for The Artist including Best Film, Director for Michel Hazanavicius and Actor for Jean Dujardin, and seven for Hugo with Best Film, Director for Martin Scorsese and Adapted Screenplay – but also several surprises, including Brit Marling for BestRead More
Michael Fassbender’s steely and seductive gaze is the star of the new red band trailer for “Shame”, visionary director Steve McQueen’s stark and frank look at sex addiction, and also my personal favorite film of the year so far. Fassbender stars as Brandon, a carefully controlled man whose neatly compartamentalized life begins to unravel when his mess of a little sister – played brilliantly by Carey Mulligan in a role unlike anything you’ve seen her in – moves into his apartment. NSFW alert at the highest capacity here, as thereRead More
Baz Luhrmann’s 3D adaptation of iconic 1920s New York classic “The Great Gatsby” has been filming in Australia for over a month now, and today we finally have our first look at leading lady Carey Mulligan on set and in costume as Daisy Buchanan, thanks to Just Jared. Joining her in the new photos and looking all fancied up and dapper are co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, who play Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway, respectively. Mulligan won the role of Daisy a full year ago after an extensive searchRead More
I saw “Shame” recently and, to put it lightly, it’s the best movie I’ve seen in 2011 so far. Visionary director Steve McQueen’s stark visual style, Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan’s top-of-their-game acting, the frank way of addressing its controversial subject matter, all of it is sublime. A new trailer has arrived, touting its newly garnered NC-17 rating from the MPAA, and Mulligan’s lovely and sad (and long) rendition of “New York, New York”, lifted from a scene in the film, sets the tone for montages of Fassbender’s rapidly unravelingRead More
Thus far former boybander Justin Timberlake has steered clear of mixing his musical and acting talents, but could that all change now? Variety reports Timberlake has been offered a lead role in the Coen Brothers’ 1960s folk music drama “Inside Llewyn Davis”, and not for nothing, Oscar Isaac landed the titular role in the film because of the tremendous musical talents he demonstrated during auditions, and co-star Carey Mulligan has proven musical ability as well. Isaac plays Davis, a fictional character loosely based on 1960s Greenwich Village based musician DaveRead More
Carey Mulligan received an Oscar nomination in 2010 for her role as an idealistic schoolgirl in 2009’s “An Eduction” and has leveraged that newfound status in Hollywood to pile up an increasingly impressive body of work. Not slowing down for a bit, she has signed on to two more high profile gigs, Variety reports. Joining the recently cast Oscar Isaac, she has snagged the female lead in the Coen Brothers’ 1960s folk music drama “Inside Llewyn Davis”, and has entered negotiations for a lead role in Spike Jonze’s still untitledRead More
Michael Fassbender’s year is ending on a high note, with the release of Shame, director Steve McQueen’s critically acclaimed feature that focuses on a single man’s addiction to sex, and his inability to cope with intimacy or love. His world begins to crumble when his needy and troubled younger sister (played by Carey Mulligan) turns up and moves into his apartment. Shame screened at London Film Festival this past weekend, and was by all accounts an intense and powerful feature, with the Guardian calling it “fluid, rigorous, serious cinema; theRead More