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As we get closer to “Tomorrowland,” more and more is being revealed about the mysterious Brad Bird film based on an Disneyland attraction. Of course, basing a movie worked out rather well for “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and Disney is hoping George Clooney and Britt Robertson can lead this futuristic sci-fi family adventure film to the same kind of success. In the newest trailer, Robertson’s Casey is given more of a voice than ever and we see the beginnings of her adventure with Clooney’s former child genius character more clearlyRead More
The newest Nicholas Sparks adaptation is about to come our way, and this one offers double the love story and double the potential for heartbreak. The first trailer for “The Longest Ride” promises plenty of tearjerker action. Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood play a couple falling in love, who come across a car accident and rescue an old man (Alan Alda). When she begins to read the old man his WWII-era letters, we flash back to his own love story, played in flashbacks by Jack Huston and Oona Chaplin. WhoRead More
We are finally getting a sense of what exactly Brad Bird’s “Tomorrowland” is all about, with the release of the first teaser trailer today. Britt Robertson’s delinquent teenager Casey Newton is given a mysterious pin, which appeared in front of her from mysterious places, and when she touches it, it transports her into a whole new world apart from the one she’s used to — which is decidedly just like ours, while the one she travels to is decidedly not. George Clooney provides voice-over about a magical place that nobodyRead More

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First Look at Britt Robertson in ‘Tomorrowland’

Britt Robertson has made the most of being killed off on CBS series “Under the Dome,” and could be headed for big screen stardom when 2015 sees the release of “Tomorrowland,” the highly anticipated sci-fi epic directed by Brad Bird and co-starring Geroge Clooney. Now, EW have the very first official images from the film, which follows a disgraced scientist who must team up with an idealistic teenager (Robertson) in order to figure out the mysteries of Tomorrowland – no, that it bears the same name to a part ofRead More
Last week on “Under the Dome,” viewers were left with a big cliffhanger, as Junior (Alexander Koch) inched his way into the mysterious locker-turned-underground-tunnel. This week, we pick up right where we left off with Junior making his way into the tunnel and revealing his findings – a basement – to Sam (Eddie Cahill) and Rebecca (Karla Crome). Meanwhile, Melanie (Grace Victoria Cox) reveals her kiss with Joe (Colin Ford) to Julia (Rachel Lefevre), who is more than supportive. Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz), on the other hand, isn’t feeling too warmlyRead More
Now that the mystery around Melanie Cross (Grace Victoria Cox) has been solved, it’s time for Barbie (Mike Vogel) to inform Julia (Rachel Lefevre) and figure out what to do next on tonight’s episode of “Under the Dome,” titled “Reconciliation.” After rehashing the entire story, Barbie and Julia continue to argue over Big Jim (Dean Norris). Meanwhile, Sam (Eddie Cahill) finds Junior (Alexander Koch) snooping through his house and finds out that Lyle (Dwight Yoakam) is in possession of Pauline’s (Sherry Stringfield) journal. Sam and Junior come together to find LyleRead More
Last week on “Under the Dome,” Rebecca Pine (Karla Crome) had a revelation about Chester’s Mill and its limited resources, which sends the town into a panic in tonight’s episode, titled “Force Majeure.” Moreover, speculation over Angie’s (Britt Robertson) murder, and the mystery around the girl who saw her die continue to arise when Barbie (Mike Vogel) catches the girl looking through his things. Before he can get any information out of her, Julia (Rachel Lefevre) intervenes. Meanwhile, Jim (Dean Norris) organizes a mandatory census to determine how long the town can lastRead More

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TV RECAP: ‘Under the Dome’ Tries to Find a Killer

The events of last week’s season two premiere of “Under the Dome” continue to affect the town of Chester’s Mill. In tonight’s episode, titled “Infestation,” Julia (Rachel Lefevre) and Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) reunion is cut short by an ominous swarm of butterflies, reinforcing Julia’s status as the monarch. Meanwhile, Joe (Colin Ford) and Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) get used to living at Big Jim’s (Dean Norris), and Rebecca (Karla Crome) discovers something in her garden. Junior (Alexander Koch) discovers Angie’s (Britt Robertson) dead body surrounded by yet another swarm of butterfliesRead More
When we last saw the people of Chester’s Mill, many lives were left hanging in the balance — Barbie (Mike Vogel) was about to be hung at the expense of Big Jim’s (Dean Norris) lies, Julia (Rachel Lefevre) was fighting for her life after being shot, and the dome began releasing a mysterious sound. The season 2 premiere of “Under the Dome” picks up right where we left off — the dome starts “pulsing” and the sound sends people into unconscious states. This buys Barbie some time, as Junior (AlexanderRead More
The first season of “Under the Dome,” based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, focused on the (literal) landing of a dome in the small town of Chester’s Mill. The dome not only sealed the town off from the rest of the world, it also brought out the good, bad and downright ugly from the townspeople. Season 1 was a success; as the ever-present mystery of the dome’s powers and the identity of the monarch kept viewers on edge, and the fantastic acting from the likes of BrittRead More