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Marvel dropped the well received bomb that Spider-Man would be entering its Cinematic Universe and now we know who may be playing the webslinger. The Wrap has reported the shortlist of talented young actors being considered for the role. Asa Butterfield, Timothee Chalamet, Tom Holland, Liam James and Nat Wolff are the actors revealed to be on the shortlist. Others may be considered and these actors have not been officially been brought in to test for the role, but they are considered to be strong contenders. In the next couple of weeks,Read More
Actor Asa Butterfield is reportedly under consideration for a starring role in Tim Burton‘s upcoming “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. The film will be an adaptation of Ransom Riggs‘ novel which follows a teenager as he helps protect a group of orphans with special powers from the creatures trying to get them. Butterfield would be playing the role of Jacob Portman, who seeks the truth following his grandfather’s murder by a vicious creature he thought imaginary. He is soon introduced to Miss Peregrine, guardian of the group, set toRead More
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Asa Butterfield plays a teenage math prodigy who is about to face his biggest challenge yet in the first trailer for Morgan Matthews‘ coming-of-age dramedy “X + Y.” “X + Y” follows Nathan (Butterfield), a young math genius whose talents, under the mentorship of Mr. Humphreys (Rafe Spall), lead him to be a competitor at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Taiwan. It is there where he faces the most unexpected challenge of all — feelings for his Chinese competitor, Zhang Mei (Jo Yang). “I hope to bring to the bigRead More
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New photos of Hailee Steinfeld and Asa Butterfield on the New York set of “Ten Thousand Saints” have debuted and give us a new look at Steinfeld’s role as a pregnant teen. Based on Eleanor Henderson’s 2011 novel of the same name, Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini‘s “Ten Thousand Saints” is set in the 1980s and follows a 15-year-old boy named Jude (Butterfield), who moves from Vermont to New York City after the death of his friend Teddy (Avan Jogia) to a drug overdose. Although Teddy dies in orderRead More
The chilly NYC weather doesn’t seem to bother the young stars, although they may just be good actors. Hailee Steinfeld and Asa Butterfield are joined by co-star Emile Hirsch while shooting scenes for their upcoming film “Ten Thousand Saints.” The Shari Berman and Robert Pulcini directed coming-of-age drama is based on the book of the same name by Eleanor Henderson. In it, Vermont teenager Jude (Butterfield) moves in with his father in 1980s New York after his best friend, Teddy, dies of an overdose. He finds new kinship with aRead More
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Emile Hirsch has been added to the cast of Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini‘s adaptation of Eleanor Henderson’s 1980s-set novel “Ten Thousand Saints,” according to a report by Variety. Hirsch will join previously announced cast members Hailee Steinfeld, Asa Butterfield and Ethan Hawke. “Ten Thousand Saints” takes place in New York City’s Lower East Side and follows the struggles of a group of teenagers in a world filled with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Following the death of his best friend, Teddy, to a drug overdose, 15-year-old JudeRead More
“Ender’s Game” alum Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld will be together once again in the new film “Ten Thousand Saints,” Deadline confirms. Just last month it was reported that Steinfeld was attached to the project, followed by Ethan Hawke and Butterfield this morning. Based of on the novel by Eleanor Henderson, the film tells the tale of a father, Les (Hawke), and a son, Jude (Butterfield), as they try to reconnect in 1987 Manhattan, the scene of “straight edge,” the underground movement celebrating punk music while rejecting meat, drugs and sex. SteinfeldRead More
British actor Asa Butterfield, 16, is in talks to join Clive Owen and Jacki Weaver in Benaroya Pictures’s forthcoming indie comedy “King of the Castle,” according to The Wrap. The film will mark the directorial debuts of Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, whose notable screenwriting credits include their short-lived NBC comedy “Animal Practice” and David Gordon Green’s 2011 comedy “The Sitter.” As reported by The Tracking Board, “King of the Castle” will follow a middle-aged boat salesman who is blackmailed by a teenager with evidence of his extramarital affair. OwenRead More
There are so many ways an adaptation of “Ender’s Game” could have gone wrong. The book is beloved and genre fans are notoriously hard to please. Entrusting the fate of a big budget blockbuster to child actors is always a gamble. Space-set sci-fi movies can end up looking generic and indistinguishable from others. Etc. Etc. So it’s a pleasant surprise to be able to say that Gavin Hood exceeded expectations on his adaptation of the Orson Scott Card sci-fi classic, a cool, fun and original-looking film that doesn’t delve tooRead More
Hailee Steinfeld took Hollywood by storm when she came out of nowhere to land the lead in the Coens’ 2010 Western remake “True Grit” and ended up being nominated for an Oscar for her very first role at age 14. She’s laid low since, but in 2013 she’s back with a vengeance and this Friday she’ll be seen opposite Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford in “Ender’s Game,” the long-gestating adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi classic. The film turned out fantastic, avoiding all the pitfalls it had laid before itRead More